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Neck Lift for Men Newport Beach & Orange County

A neck lift for men can enhance the appearance of the neck, taking years off of your appearance.

As you age, you might notice the skin around your neck beginning to sag. You might even have excess skin that gives you a double chin. Our board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati, can help to reverse that aging process. In fact, cosmetic neck surgery is one of the most common requests we get from our Newport Beach patients.

The neck lift is a procedure which not only removes the excess fat and skin from the neck but also tightens the neck muscles to give the face an overall toned and prominent look. Not only will it help a person look about 10 years younger, but it also will make it appear as if they have lost a lot of weight as well.

This procedure may include:

  • Neck liposuction which removes the excess fat
  • A platysmaplasty to tighten the neck muscles
  • A cervicoplasty which removes excess skin via hidden incisions behind the ears

Who is a Male Neck Lift Candidate?

The ideal candidate for a male neck lift is typically between the age of 40 and 70 years old. However, it is not uncommon for people who have sagging skin due to genetics to have it performed even earlier than that. No matter what a patient’s age is, they must be in both good physical and emotional health. It is always important to have realistic expectations when going into a cosmetic surgery procedure. For more information and to find out if this procedure is right for you, set up a consultation today.

Preparing for Your Male Neck Lift

Before undergoing your male neck lift, there are some things you should to do prepare. This may include temporarily discontinuing certain medications or herbal supplements. Patients should also stop smoking at least two weeks prior to their procedure. Dr. Sadati will provide you with a full set of preparation instructions, as well as answer any questions that you may have prior to your male neck lift.


What to Expect During Your Male Neck Lift Recovery

Following your male neck lift procedure, you may experience bruising, tightness, and numbness in your neck. Bruising should resolve over the next 4-5 days, but tingling and numbness may continue for a couple of months. It is important that you follow the specific post-op instructions given to your by Dr. Sadati to ensure a safe recovery and optimal results. If you have any questions regarding your side effects or recovery instructions, be sure to contact our office.


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Male Facelift Testimonial | Dr. Kevin Sadati

Facial Rejuvenation – 55 Year Young Male Testimony

Your Private Consultation

The first step towards your male neck lift journey is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sadati. To ensure you are a good candidate, Dr. Sadati will determine that you are in good physical and mental health. He will discuss your concerns as well as the goals you have for your procedure to make sure you get the results you want. As an artist and surgeon, he will customize the best plan for you to obtain a natural and long lasting results with minimal discomfort and complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neck Liposuction?

Similar to the liposuction procedure that is performed in other areas of the body, the neck liposuction procedure removes excess fat from a person's neck. This procedure is quick and effective and can be used in combination with many of the techniques listed above in order to provide patients with the best results possible.

What is the Laser Neck Lift?

The laser neck lift is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that provides patients with similar results to the surgical neck lift. Dr. Kevin Sadati completes this procedure with a fractional c02 laser. This specialized laser instrument resurfaces the skin along the neck, eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that have developed.

What is the Lower Facelift and Neck Lift Combination Surgery?

The lower facelift is a facelift procedure that focuses on the cheeks, jowls, and neck. Sometimes referred to as the Natural facelift, this procedure must be completed in combination with the neck lift surgery in order to give patients the proper results. It is a great cosmetic surgery choice for patients who are just beginning to experience the first signs of aging but do not require a complete traditional facelift.

How Long Will Neck Lift Results Last?

Under normal circumstances, the results of a male neck lift will be long-lasting. In ten years, your neck will look better than what it looked prior to your surgery.u00a0 Do not hesitate to contact our office if you ever notice any changes in your neck lift or have any questions or concerns regarding your procedure or results.

When Should a Man Consider a Neck Lift?

If you have a turkey wattle that makes you look older than you are, feel that your neck is too fat, have a lost the distinct jawline of your youth and want to restore it, or have excessive skin and wrinkles on your neck, you may be able to benefit from a male neck lift. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Sadati is the best way to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

What Questions Should I Ask During My Consultation?

There are many questions that a man can ask during his consultation for a male neck lift. However, some questions that may be especially helpful may include:nnAm I a good candidate for a male neck lift?nAre the results I'm seeking realistic?nDo you have before and after photos I can view?nWhat kind of anesthesia is recommended for this procedure?nWill I have visible scars?nWhat will you expect of me for best results?nWhat are the costs associated with my surgery?nHow are complications handled?

Dr. Kevin Sadati is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience and over 5000 facelifts performed using his well-known technique. He has been loved by his patients and praised by his peers for his natural-looking results. He has been voted the Best Facial Cosmetic Surgeon in Orange County 6 years in a row. He has published several peer-reviewed articles and is a regular lecturer at the national plastic surgery meetings. His expertise is mentioned in major national beauty magazines and appeared on TV. As a master of facelift, Preservation Lift™ also known as the deep plane facelift and rhinoplasty and an avid sculptor and painter, he can provide gorgeous yet natural-looking results without the tell-tale signs of surgery. Dr. Sadati can help you achieve your highest level of confidence at his luxurious facility. Dr. Sadati has pioneered the Preservation Lift™ also known as Preservation Deep Plane Facelift

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Dr. Kevin Sadati is Orange County’s leading board-certified facial plastic surgeon and a facial aesthetics expert of over 20 years. Dr. Sadati draws patients from all over the world for his exceptional facelift and Preservation Lift™ also known as Preservation Deep Plane Facelift results. No matter where you’re located, you are warmly invited to see what kind of rejuvenating results can be achieved in the hands of our artist, sculptor, and world-class plastic surgeon.

Our professional team is happy to help meet your travel arrangement needs. Learn more about our fly-in concierge services or call our office today.

Dr. Kevin Sadati


Dr. Kevin Sadati is a top facial plastic surgeon in the Newport Beach and Orange County area with over 15 years of facial and reconstructive surgery experience. He is particularly known for creating natural, subtle results for his patients who don't appear that they've had work done. This can be credited to his extensive experience, as well as his surgical finesse and natural artistic talent. Along with years of studying and training, Dr. Sadati has experience as a painter and sculptor, which embodies his artistic eye for, and appreciation of, aesthetic harmony. He believes that this is key to creating beautiful, natural-looking results in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Sadati has been voted by his patients: “The Best Cosmetic Surgeon” in OC register 5 years in a row, “Top Plastic Surgeon in Orange County” in Locale magazine and received “Best Overall Facial Rejuvenation” award at the National Aesthetic Show by his peers. He also appeared in “The Doctors” show on NBC.



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