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Breast Augmentation



Dr. Ali Tehrani, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic aspirations post-pregnancy. With extensive experience working with numerous women seeking to reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies or enhance their physique to align with their inner selves, Dr. Tehrani approaches each case with empathy and understanding. He attentively listens to your desires and collaborates with you to achieve your desired outcomes.

While breast augmentation enlarges the breasts, it does not address underlying basic defects in breast shape and form. Although major asymmetries may be improved, complete correction may not be achieved through breast enlargement alone. Normal differences in breast size, shape, or orientation between the two breasts are common. Severe asymmetries may require additional procedures to further enhance symmetry.

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Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure aimed at enhancing breast size, correcting asymmetry, and refining the feminine profile. These procedures are highly adaptable and require meticulous attention to detail. Breast augmentation can involve the use of implants, either alone or in combination with fat transfer from the patient’s own body.

Implant Placement: Depending on patient preference and Dr. Tehrani’s recommendation, the breast implant may be positioned either above or below the chest muscle.

  • Submuscular Placement: Implants are situated below the pectoral muscles when there is minimal breast tissue, providing projection for a natural appearance.
  • Sub-glandular Placement: In cases of ample breast tissue, implants are positioned above the pectoral muscles, with the breast tissue covering the implant for a natural feel and appearance. This method requires sufficient breast tissue to fully envelop the implant.

Incision Methods: Saline-filled or FDA-approved silicone gel implants can be inserted using three standard incision routes, chosen based on patient goals and anatomy:

  • Periareolar: Circular incisions around the areola and along its natural border.
  • Inframammary: Incisions made along the natural fold of the breasts.
  • Transaxillary: Incisions along the armpits, with the aid of a camera and small instruments to guide implant placement.

Additionally, saline implants may be inserted using a transumbilical method through the navel, with small incisions made along the abdomen and guided by a camera.

Implant Composition: Implants consist of an outer silicone shell filled with saline or silicone gel, with surfaces that may be smooth or textured. They come in various sizes, profiles, and shapes to cater to individual needs.

Who is a candidate for breast augmentation?

This procedure is an excellent option for many women who are unhappy with their current breasts and desire an improvement, this includes:

  • Women who want larger breasts.
  • Women who want to improve their breast shape.
  • Healthy women without connective tissue diseases.
  • Healthy women without breast malignancy.

Types of Breast Implants.

At Tehrani Plastic Surgery, we offer a wide range of breast implants to cater to your specific preferences and desired outcomes. These options encompass various shapes, projections, and textures, including:

  1. Saline Breast Implants: These implants feature a silicone shell filled with a saline solution. They are favored for their natural feel and safety, as the body naturally absorbs the saline solution in the event of rupture.
  2. Silicone Breast Implants: Increasing in popularity, these implants comprise a silicone shell filled with a gel resembling the consistency of a gummy bear. The gel maintains its form even if the implant ruptures, offering added safety.

These implants are available in various shapes, such as teardrop and round. Teardrop implants, resembling a teardrop shape with a thicker bottom and thinner top, are often preferred for gummy bear implants. Round implants, on the other hand, are popular for their ability to provide overall breast symmetry.

Projections range from low to high, catering to different volume enhancement preferences. The choice of implant thickness depends on the desired level of breast volume improvement, with low profile for minimal enhancement and high profile for maximum change.

With this diverse selection of breast implants, we aim to assist you in achieving your desired aesthetic goals effectively.

Composite Breast Implant Surgery

An alternative to traditional breast implants is composite breast augmentation, a procedure that involves transferring fat from other areas of the body, such as the thighs, flanks, or buttocks, to the chest. Fat transfer alone is suitable for individuals seeking minimal enhancement in their breasts. However, if you desire an increase of more than one cup size, breast implants would be necessary.

Composite breast augmentation typically consists of two steps, which can be performed during a single appointment or in separate sessions. During your consultation with Dr. Tehrani, you will discuss the area of the body from which fat will be harvested. The initial step involves liposuction, a technique to remove fat from beneath the skin.

Dr. Tehrani utilizes advanced liposuction methods to extract unwanted fat gently, preserving its integrity for transfer to the breasts. Once harvested, the fat is purified and prepared for injection into the breasts. During the second step, Dr. Tehrani strategically injects the fat to achieve optimal results, considering the individual’s unique anatomy and desired outcome.

With his extensive experience in breast surgeries, Dr. Tehrani possesses a profound understanding of breast aesthetics and the appropriate distribution of fat to enhance their appearance.

Composite breast augmentation offers a compelling solution for breast enhancement. Since only the individual’s own fat is utilized, no allergy testing is required. The transferred fat provides a natural feel and texture to the breasts. Whether performed independently or in conjunction with implants, this procedure effectively reshapes the body contours and enhances the breasts.

Personal Consultation

In your  meeting with Dr. Tehrani, he will listen as you discuss your chest and the improvements you seek. An examination of your chest will help him better understand your anatomical features and how to improve them. He will take photos and measurements to better plan your procedure.

Dr. Tehrani will ask about your allergies, past procedures, current medications, and general health. He will walk you through the steps of breast augmentation and go over all the details of the techniques. Together, you and Dr. Tehrani will create a treatment plan that achieves your ideal outcome.

Breast Augmentation Recovery:

Discomfort during the recovery period following breast augmentation is managed through oral medications and long-lasting local anesthesia. Typically, a soft bra or compression garment is worn for several days after the surgery. Patients are typically discharged to the care of a responsible adult and recover at home. Sutures are typically removed during follow-up appointments within one to two weeks. Light activities may be resumed after seven days, while sports activities may be gradually reintroduced over a period of three to six weeks, depending on the guidance of the surgeon.


The effects of your breast augmentation will be immediately noticeable, with your breasts appearing larger, more shapely, and symmetrical. The procedure also addresses any differences in size between the breasts. As swelling diminishes and your body adapts to the new size, you will observe further improvement in the results, typically reaching their peak after a couple of months.

For patients undergoing fat transfer to the breasts, the final results become evident as the body integrates the transferred fat cells. It is common for the body to accept approximately 70 to 80% of the transferred fat. Dr. Tehrani carefully considers this during the fat transfer process, ensuring patients achieve their desired results once the body has fully accepted the transfer. The remaining percentage of transferred fat is safely absorbed by the body.

Complementary Procedures:

A breast lift is often performed in conjunction with breast augmentation to address drooping breasts caused by factors such as aging, breastfeeding, or weight loss. This surgical procedure involves the removal of excess tissue and lifting of the breasts to achieve a more youthful and perky appearance. When combined with breast augmentation, women can undergo a comprehensive transformation of their chest.

During a breast lift procedure, incisions are made along the areolas and breast creases. Implants are then inserted into the breasts, and excess tissue is trimmed and reduced. The remaining tissues are lifted to a natural height, resulting in smoother breasts and the restoration of a youthful contour.


Breast augmentation adds size and volume to the chest, usually through the use of implants. A breast lift shapes and orients the breasts upward into a more youthful position. Together, these two procedures can address issues caused by the changes that occur over the course of a woman’s life, or for a life-changing improvement

Combining breast augmentation with a breast lift (mastopexy) enables women to achieve fuller, rounder, and more youthful-looking breasts. Factors such as aging, childbirth, and fluctuations in weight can lead to changes in breast size and symmetry. Breast lift surgery aims to address these concerns by safely removing excess skin and employing various techniques to reshape the breast mound and reduce the size of the areola.

This procedure, known for its safety, involves a precise combination of techniques that allow for the removal of excess skin, thereby reshaping the breast mound with accuracy. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to reduce the size of the areola. Breast augmentation-mastopexy can be performed in a single surgery to position the breast for optimal projection. Meanwhile, the addition of an implant enhances breast volume, particularly in the upper pole—the area above the nipple.

Ideal Candidates

If you feel unhappy with the contours of your breast then you are more than welcome to seek out treatment. Women who have recently gone through weight loss and childbirth may also benefit from the procedure. 

Ideal candidates should also meet the following criteria 1- Be a non smoker  2- at or near ideal weight  3- experiencing ptosis or altered shape of the breast..4- Have an understanding of procedure and realistic expectations for their results.

Your Consultation with Dr. Tehrani:

Dr. Tehrani’s early exposure to the fine arts has left a lasting impact on his practice today, where his appreciation for aesthetics seamlessly integrates with his medical expertise. Renowned within the region for both his surgical skills and artistic talent, Dr. Tehrani is deeply involved in community initiatives, including global surgical education through the Paul Chester Children’s Hope Foundation and various philanthropic endeavors.

Your personal consultation with Dr. Tehrani is an opportunity to experience his passion for beauty and commitment to assisting others firsthand. During this session, you’ll have the chance to express your concerns, share your medical history, and undergo an examination. Based on this comprehensive assessment, Dr. Tehrani will recommend the most suitable treatment for your needs.


We want you to enjoy a smooth journey throughout this process. Taking care of a few small things beforehand will significantly reduce stress. Here are a few things to take of: 1- Avoid smoking- please refrain from using any nicotine products 4 weeks prior to your procedure as they may hamper the surgical and recovery process.2- stop taking certain medications- Dr. Tehrani will provide you a list of medications to stop prior to your surgery 


The healing stage differs from patient to patient. However, most patients will experience mild swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the first few days after surgery. You will be prescribed pain medication to relieve discomfort and an antibiotic to avoid infection. Taking good care of yourself, following Dr. Tehrani’s post-op instructions, and getting plenty of rest will be essential parts of your recovery. After your breast augmentation and lift, you will wear a supportive surgical bra to protect and support your chest as it heals. Many women are free to return to sedentary work within a week and regular activities can be picked up in 3-4 weeks. Follow-up appointments will be made to monitor your progress, and so that you can discuss any recovery concerns that you may have with Dr. Tehrani. 


Breast implant removal, also known as explantation, is a surgical procedure designed to remove implants from the breast pocket. This highly individualized procedure may involve either replacing the implants with new ones or removing them entirely. Women opt for removal surgery for various reasons, including replacing implants due to wear and tear, revising a previous augmentation, or seeking relief from discomfort caused by large implants. Regardless of the motive, breast implant removal procedures enable numerous women to achieve their desired breast shape. Dr. Tehrani, a highly skilled plastic surgeon based in Southern California, possesses extensive experience in adjusting breast profiles to suit individual preferences.

Who should consider breast implant removal

Breast augmentation surgery is a standard cosmetic procedure that provides women with enhanced breast projection and volume. While implants are helpful medical devices, they don’t last forever. The Federal Drug Administration recommends implants should be removed every 10-15 years. In addition, breast appearance can change because of age, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. 

The decision to have implants removed is deeply personal. But, if you’re thinking about getting this procedure, you’re not alone. Statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal that over 36,000 U.S. women removed their implants in 2020. That is an 8% increase from the year before. [3] While your reasons may be different from those of other patients, below are a few factors that lead many women to breast implant removal.


Sadly, implants do not last forever. After 10-15 years, breast implants can start to lose their resiliency as a part of normal wear and tear. The weight of the implant may lead to sagging and a change in position, the risk of rupture and leakage increases, and capsular contracture can affect the shape of the implant.


Perhaps you’re looking to make revisions to the size of your breasts after your initial augmentation procedure. Or, maybe you’ve become unhappy with implants altogether. Implant removal or replacement procedure will address these concerns once and for all. 


As time passes, your breasts may feel uncomfortable well after healing from your first augmentation procedure. Some patients may develop chest, neck, and back pain depending on the implant weight. An implant removal procedure can provide relief to improve your physical health and comfort.


Capsular contracture is one one the most common reasons to get corrective surgery. [1] This happens when scar tissue forms around the implant while in the breast pocket. This scar tissue can surround the implant, become hardened or calcified, and distort the shape of the breast. This can lead to unbearable pain if left untreated. The only way to fix this is to remove the implant and capsule. 


The risk of breast implant rupture is an excellent reason to take proactive measures. Ruptures may not be easily noticed with saline implants because the body can easily absorb the saline solution from the implant shell without significant complications. On the other hand, silicone shell implants can rupture and deflate, leaving patients with an asymmetrical breast appearance. On the other hand, if a silicone implant were to break it may go unnoticed because the thicker gel inside the implant can leak into the surrounding tissue and cause no immediate symptoms. This is known as a “silent rupture.” Unlike saline, silicone’s gel-like substance is not absorbable by the body and can have consequences for a woman’s overall health if left untreated.


Breast implants are generally safe and are FDA-approved medical devices. However, some women living with breast implants may experience physical and mental symptoms, including depression, anxiety, fatigue, rash, and hormonal and glandular concerns. [2] Because of the lack of research and the wide variety of symptoms that are attributed to BII, this illness is not formally diagnosed by doctors. However, women experiencing symptoms commonly cite their breast implants as the cause.

Your Consultation with Dr. Tehrani

We’ll address your concerns and reasons for an implant removal surgery during your consultation. First, we record your past surgeries, medical history, and medications as a part of the intake interview. Dr. Tehrani will then examine your breast profile, including any scars. You are encouraged to ask questions and detail your ideal aesthetic throughout the process. This will help us understand your unique situation. Dr. Tehrani will consider this information when developing a personalized treatment plan. He will then share his customized plan with you and describe how an implant removal procedure will affect your silhouette, and what can be done to ensure that your results are satisfactory. Finally, we’ll end the meeting by providing you with a personalized list of instructions to follow between now and the surgery date.


Each patient will receive their own set of personalized instructions to prepare for surgery. Please remember to follow them carefully in the weeks of your surgery to ensure a streamlined process, successful recovery, and optimized results.

  • Provide our office with a current list of your medications. Certain blood-thinners and NSAIDs may need to be discontinued. 
  • Temporarily pause smoking because it constricts blood flow and inhibits recovery. 
  • Ask someone you trust to drive you home because the effects of anesthesia will need time to wear off.
  • Arrange 1-2 weeks off from work so you can concentrate on healing properly.
  • Fast as directed, starting at midnight before your surgery.
  • Go to the pharmacy and pick up the medication prescribed by Dr. Tehrani. 

Breast Implant Procedure:

Our breast implant removal surgery commences with Dr. Tehrani carefully marking surgical guidelines to direct the procedure. Following this, general anesthesia is administered to ensure your comfort throughout the process. Dr. Tehrani may opt to utilize the same incisions from your initial breast augmentation to minimize additional scarring. In cases involving capsular contracture, similar incisions may also be employed. During an open capsulotomy, Dr. Tehrani may excise a portion or the entirety of the scar tissue capsule, along with the implant. In cases of en bloc capsulectomy, incisions made around the breast contour may be longer than those from the original augmentation procedure, encompassing both the surrounding scar tissue and implants.

For patients opting for new implants, Dr. Tehrani will meticulously position them within the breast pockets. Upon removal of the implants, the incisions are meticulously sutured closed.


Patients say recovering from an implant removal surgery is similar to the recovery from a breast augmentation. During your recovery, you may feel swelling, tenderness, and bruising. To manage discomfort, take the prescribed medication as directed by Dr. Tehrani. These symptoms will dissipate after the first few weeks. You can resume desk work and minimal physical activity after 1-2 weeks. After six weeks, you can resume strenuous activities such as workouts. Dr. Tehrani will schedule regular follow-up appointments to monitor your healing and progress after your surgery. 

Complementary procedures:

Patients considering a breast implant removal procedure can choose to have a breast lift (mastopexy) performed simultaneously. The surgical process removes lax skin due to pregnancy, nursing, or aging. Implant removal patients will benefit from this procedure because a removal alone will not solve aesthetic issues. A breast lift can offer a rounder, plumper aesthetic. Combining implant removal and breast lift can provide a comprehensive makeover for the breast profile. 


During a mammoplasty procedure, excess skin, glandular tissue, and fat are removed by Dr. Tehrani to craft smaller, more shapely breasts. Breast reduction surgery is often chosen by women not only to enhance their appearance and symmetry but also to alleviate chronic discomfort commonly associated with excessively large breasts.

At the core of aesthetic principles lies the concept of symmetry, where less can sometimes be more. Contrary to common belief, smaller breasts that are in balanced proportion with the thighs, waist, and hips contribute more to overall beauty than any singular exaggerated feature. It’s essential for breasts to harmonize with the body’s other features and with each other. Many women seeking to address breast asymmetry opt for mammoplasty to achieve size parity and restore balance to their chest.

Besides aesthetic concerns, overly large breasts can also pose health risks. The disproportionate weight distribution on a woman’s frame can lead to strain, resulting in neck, shoulder, and back pain. Additionally, friction and moisture accumulation in the inframammary crease can cause rashes, sores, and infections.

Ideal Breast Reduction Candidates: 1- patients who want smaller breast 2- patients with breast asymmetry 3- patients who complain of chronic neck, shoulder, back pain from the excessive breast size. 4-patients with large breasts who experience chronic skin irritation along their bra straps or under the breast folds


Dr. Tehrani will perform your breast reduction procedure at one of his accredited outpatient facilities. The procedure takes 3 to 5 hours and requires a general anesthetic. Your type of breast reduction is dictated by its incision pattern, described below.[2]

Breast Reduction Techniques

  • Lollipop technique – For moderate sagging, the lollipop-shaped incision begins around the areola and connects to a vertical cut running down to the breast crease.
  • Anchor technique – For severe sagging, the anchor-shaped incision begins as the lollipop but includes the addition of a horizontal cut at the breast crease. 

Many patients seek to improve the orientation of their breasts, as well as their size and shape. In these instances, a Breast Lift procedure can be combined with breast reduction for better results. The two procedures are typically performed at the same time. 


  • Postoperative discomfort is controlled with oral medications
  • Surgical drains may be present after the surgery
  • Dr. Tehrani may provide a special postoperative support bra to be worn for several weeks
  • Spend your first night of recovery in the company of a caring, responsible adult with whom you are familiar (your “recovery buddy”)
  • Your sutures will remain in place for about 2-3 weeks
  • You may resume light activity in two weeks
  • You may resume strenuous activity in no sooner than six weeks 

  • Hand the car keys over: Please designate a trusted friend or family member to drive you home and care for you after your procedure, as the anesthesia will leave you unable to operate a vehicle.
  • Avoid smoking/alcohol: Please refrain from consuming either a few days before your procedure. They may hamper the surgical and recovery process.

Stop taking certain medications: Dr. Tehrani may direct you to pause your medication intake as they may affect the procedure

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Dr. Ali Tehrani

Dr. Ali Tehrani, a board-certified surgeon by the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery, combines compassion, expertise, and dedication to ensure his patients receive the remarkable outcomes they deserve. He takes the time to provide all the information his patients need to make the right decision for them. His passion for helping people also extends beyond his office. He is a board member and former President at the Paul Chester Children’s Hope Foundation, where he leads missions to developing countries to help children in need.


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