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Buccal Fat Removal Newport Beach & Orange County

Improve facial contours by slimming the cheeks and removing buccal fat.

Buccal fat removal is an increasingly popular procedure designed to thin the appearance of chubby or round face. Although volume in the cheeks is usually a sign of youthfulness, buccal fat removal is a great option if you’re looking for a natural-looking way to add definition to the lower face. Dr. Kevin Sadati is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation designed to achieve natural results along with some of the best in cosmetic treatments and surgeries in the Newport Beach area.

Preparing for Your Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal is a procedure designed to remove the pads of fat in the cheek hollows that can contribute to a rounded or chubby appearance in the face. Even if you’re otherwise slim and fit, it’s normal to have rounded cheeks as a result of genetics that can make you look heavier than you are. In this case, buccal fat removal is a great option. If your face is naturally thinner and more contoured, though, buccal fat removal can cause a thin or gaunt appearance as you age, so Dr. Sadati can determine your best options for face thinning during your consultation.

Dr. Sadati’s Buccal Fat Removal Method

Buccal fat removal can be performed on its own or as part of a facelift procedure. If performed on its own, Dr. Sadati will perform incisions inside the mouth to gain access to the fat pads and remove them. This can be performed using local anesthesia and twilight sedation. If buccal fat removal is performed in tandem with a facelift, the fat pads can often be removed without needing an incision inside the mouth. During your private consultation with Dr. Sadati, you’ll discuss your best options for buccal fat removal using Dr. Sadati’s signature techniques.

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What to Expect During Your Recovery

Performed on its own, buccal fat removal doesn’t require extensive downtime like many other facial cosmetic procedures. Generally, you can expect some swelling and discomfort which can be managed with prescribed medications. You’ll be instructed to rest and stay home from work and school for around one week. It can take around one week for swelling to fully subside, but you’ll begin to see results soon after your surgery. It can take up to two months for your final results to emerge as the cheeks settle into their new contours. The result is a thinner, more defined look in the midface with natural-looking, refreshed results.


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Buccal Fat Removal | Dr. Kevin Sadati

Buccal Fat Removal | Dr. Kevin Sadati

Your Private Consultation

With buccal fat removal, you can enjoy a more contoured and defined facial profile using the best facial cosmetic surgery techniques in the Newport Beach area. To meet with Dr. Kevin Sadati and learn more about your best options for enhancing your look and boosting your confidence, we invite you to set up a free cosmetic consultation by calling or filling out our online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get fat removed from your cheeks?

Yes, buccal fat removal is a form of plastic surgery during which the buccal fat pads in your cheeks are surgically removed. This thins out the cheeks and creates more defined facial angles.

How can I lose face fat in a week?

If you are interested in eliminating excess fat from the face, specifically the cheek area, buccal fat removal surgery can be effective. This procedure can slim out the face, reducing a full face.

Is facial liposuction permanent?

Yes, the results from facial liposuction are permanent.

What are buccal fat pads?

Buccal fat pads are rounded masses of fat that sit in the middle of the cheek. The size of your buccal fat pads will affect the shape of your face.

What are cheeks made of?

The cheeks are made up of many different muscles, fat pads, glands, and tissues. The buccal fat pad is the area of the cheek that can be removed during surgery.

What does buccal fat removal do?

The main goal of buccal fat removal is to thin out the cheeks, specifically the area of the cheek hollows. This can help to even out a face that appears too full.

What is a buccal fistula?

An oral cutaneous fistula is a rare extraoral path of infection that connects the oral cavity and the skin. Common causes include chronic dental infections, trauma, salivary gland lesions, and dental implant complications.

Where are the buccal fat pads?

The buccal fat pad is located anterior to the masseter muscle and deep in the buccinator muscle.

Where can I get buccal fat removed?

If you are interested in buccal fat removal surgery, it is important to seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon who is skilled in performing this procedure. To learn more, contact our office today.

Where is the buccal?

The buccal region refers to the inner cheek. The buccal space is a potential space in the cheek and is paired on each side.

Hat's the best age to get buccal fat removal?

Because the buccal fat pads continue to grow into a persons 20s, it is recommended that this procedure be performed after the age of 20 years old.

What's the best age to get buccal fat removal?

It's important not to opt for buccal fat removal before age of 18, since facial anatomy still maturing. The best time for buccal fat removal is when there is an excessive volume in the lower face area making a face round and reduces good definition to the face, so Dr. Sadati can recommend the best time to consider your options with buccal fat removal.

Can buccal fat come back?

Once the fat is removed from the body, it does not grow back. However, if you gain significant weight, the appearance of fat in your cheeks can return, especially if you opt for partial removal. Dr. Sadati can give you the best idea of what to expect during your consultation.

Does buccal fat removal cause scarring?

In most cases, this procedure is performed with incisions inside the mouth. This means there's no visible scarring involved as you recover. If buccal fat removal is part of your facelift procedure, Dr. Sadati can discuss what you should expect from scarring.

Dr. Kevin Sadati is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience and over 5000 facelifts performed using his well-known technique. He has been loved by his patients and praised by his peers for his natural-looking results. He has been voted the Best Facial Cosmetic Surgeon in Orange County 6 years in a row. He has published several peer-reviewed articles and is a regular lecturer at the national plastic surgery meetings. His expertise is mentioned in major national beauty magazines and appeared on TV. As a master of facelift, Preservation Lift™ also known as the deep plane facelift and rhinoplasty and an avid sculptor and painter, he can provide gorgeous yet natural-looking results without the tell-tale signs of surgery. Dr. Sadati can help you achieve your highest level of confidence at his luxurious facility. Dr. Sadati has pioneered the Preservation Lift™ also known as Preservation Deep Plane Facelift

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Dr. Kevin Sadati is Orange County’s leading board-certified facial plastic surgeon and a facial aesthetics expert of over 20 years. Dr. Sadati draws patients from all over the world for his exceptional facelift and Preservation Lift™ also known as Preservation Deep Plane Facelift results. No matter where you’re located, you are warmly invited to see what kind of rejuvenating results can be achieved in the hands of our artist, sculptor, and world-class plastic surgeon.

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Dr. Kevin Sadati


Dr. Kevin Sadati is a top facial plastic surgeon in the Newport Beach and Orange County area with over 15 years of facial and reconstructive surgery experience. He is particularly known for creating natural, subtle results for his patients who don't appear that they've had work done. This can be credited to his extensive experience, as well as his surgical finesse and natural artistic talent. Along with years of studying and training, Dr. Sadati has experience as a painter and sculptor, which embodies his artistic eye for, and appreciation of, aesthetic harmony. He believes that this is key to creating beautiful, natural-looking results in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Sadati has been voted by his patients: “The Best Cosmetic Surgeon” in OC register 5 years in a row, “Top Plastic Surgeon in Orange County” in Locale magazine and received “Best Overall Facial Rejuvenation” award at the National Aesthetic Show by his peers. He also appeared in “The Doctors” show on NBC.



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