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Enhance Your Bust and Your Confidence with Breast Augmentation

By modifying the look and shape of the breasts, women can achieve a proportion that they have always wanted. Breast augmentation allows women to restore volume that has been lost with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight loss. For many women, addressing these changes can greatly improve self-confidence. Additionally, patients can also opt for a breast lift to reverse the effects of aging or correct for the natural sagging that occurs after childbirth.

Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation?

The most popular plastic surgery procedure year after year, breast augmentation, or augmentation mammaplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that increases the size of breasts by using implants or fat grafting. A highly customizable procedure, due to the availability of multiple implant shapes, sizes, and placement options, breast augmentation helps people achieve a proportional, voluptuous figure for years to come.

Breast Augmentation With Breast Lift

For some patients, implants can be paired with a breast lift. This is often in cases where the breast tissue or skin has been stretched beyond what the breast implant can “fill.” Reshaping the breast tissue with a breast lift allows Dr. Florin to create a youthful chest appearance, correcting issues such as sagging breast tissue or excess skin while also boosting the overall size of the breasts.

Who is a Good Candidate For Breast Augmentation Surgery in Orange County?

People who are unsatisfied with the size, shape, or general appearance of their breasts may be good candidates for breast augmentation. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Whitney Florin does have a few requirements and recommendations for people seeking to undergo plastic surgery, including:

  • Be at a stable weight within 10-15 pounds of your ideal weight
  • Be a non-smoker
  • Be in generally good health
  • Have no underlying health conditions that would make the surgery dangerous to perform

Good candidates for breast augmentation should also have realistic expectations of what the procedure can achieve, and be able to take the necessary time off for recovery.

Types of Implants for Breast Augmentation

One of the biggest concerns people have when researching breast augmentation in Newport Beach, CA is how to pick the “right implant size.” Dr. Florin tells patients that the specific size, shape, and material of your breast implants are a completely personalized decision that they will make together with her during consultations.

Before scheduling a breast augmentation procedure, you and Dr. Florin will spend time trying on implant sizers with a non-padded bra and your own clothing to see what size you feel comfortable with. You can spend as much time with sizers as you need and have multiple visits to try on multiple sizers.

As you narrow down what specific size you want, you’ll also choose a material and shape for your breast implants. All the breast implants we provide at the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery are FDA-approved.

Saline Implants

Saline breast implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution that can be safely absorbed by the body in case of leak or rupture. These implants can be inserted unfilled, meaning the incision needed can be smaller than with other implant types.

Some patients say that saline implants aren’t as good at replicating natural breast tissue as more advanced silicone gel implants, but can offer great results with Dr. Florin’s expert implant placement techniques.

Silicone Implants

Silicone breast implants look and feel very similar to your natural tissue. However, because the body can’t naturally absorb the sterile silicone gel, patients with these implants need to be watchful for rupture, as the symptoms of implant failure are more subtle than in saline implants. Watch for deformation in the shape of the breast or increased firmness as a result of scar tissue forming around the leak.

Fat Transfer

If you’re not interested in either saline or silicone implants, you have another option for increasing your breast size the natural way. Using liposuction, breast surgeon Dr. Florin collects fat from a region of excess fat on your body, such as the hips, thighs, or abdomen, and purifies it using a centrifuge. Then, the purified fat cells are injected in multiple locations throughout the breasts, increasing volume without the need for long incisions.

Although fat transfer breast augmentation is a way to augment breast volume permanently, it isn’t capable of achieving the dramatic results that implants can—often only increasing breast size by a cup size or so.

Types of Breast Augmentation Incisions

After you have chosen your implant during a consultation with Dr. Florin, you will discuss the ideal incision and placement options for your unique procedure. Certain types of implants may require certain incisions, and Dr. Florin will ensure that you are aware of all your options given the specific goals and implant type of your unique procedure.

Peri-areolar Incision

In some cases, breast implants can be inserted using only a half-moon incision around the bottom of the areola, concealing any scarring in the border where the skin color changes from the breast to the nipple.

Inframammary Incision

The most commonly performed incision is in the inframammary fold, or breast crease, beneath each breast. This allows the scar to be easily concealed in low-cut clothing or swimwear. An inframammary incision gives Dr. Florin the greatest visibility to breast tissue and most direct access to implant placement.

Trans-Axillary Incision

For patients who don’t want any visible scar on the breast at all, it may be possible to perform a breast augmentation with an incision in the underarm area. This technique may not be possible with all implant types and sizes, or because of your unique anatomy, and Dr. Florin can help you figure out if you’re eligible for this procedure during consultations about breast augmentation in Newport Beach, CA.

“Dr. Florin made me feel comfortable with my plastic surgery decisions. She was honest and supportive of my wants and needs. She is personable and listens to concerns. She takes her time with her customers so I never felt rushed to decide or rushed through questions or concerns. I will definitely come back!"

Breast Implant Placement Options

Where a breast implant is placed also has an effect on the appearance and feel of both silicone and saline implants. Depending on your aesthetic goals and personalized treatment plan, you may be able to have a subglandular or submuscular placement. Dr. Florin uses the Keller funnel for easy, accurate placement of implants in the breast pocket.

For some patients, using an “internal bra” (a combination of meticulous internal sutures and/or a surgical scaffold) can be beneficial for patients receiving implants. This technique can provide additional support to the breast tissue and implant during healing. It can also improve the longevity of your surgery by supporting the breast tissue long-term. This can be particularly beneficial for women who have thin breast tissue to start or that are choosing a very full implant size.

Subglandular placement

When breast implants are inserted above the pectoralis muscle of the chest wall, but below the existing breast tissue, they are said to be subglandular. The benefits of this plastic surgery technique is that patients experience less discomfort after the procedure, and these implants tend to stay put better than submuscular ones. However, subglandular placement often appears more artificial, and is correlated with higher instances of capsular contracture, where scar tissue becomes hardened around the implant.

Submuscular placement

Breast implants can also be placed partially below the chest muscle for a submuscular placement option. This procedure allows for a more natural final result of breast augmentation with certain implant types, but can extend the healing process and cause patients to feel more discomfort after surgery.

What To Expect During A Newport Beach Breast Augmentation Consultation

When you visit Dr. Florin for your initial consultation, you will cover many topics, including implant size, shape, position, and texture, as well as specific breast augmentation procedures and potential combination procedures. In addition, Dr. Florin will complete a thorough medical history and give you a physical examination to determine the best course of treatment for your health and the results of your breast enlargement.

Dr. Florin encourages patients to bring photos of other breast augmentation patients that have a similar size and shape to what they are hoping to achieve. This helps her better understand exactly what you’re looking for, as well as recommend techniques for how best to achieve your ideal look.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia in the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery’s accredited surgical facility. The length of surgery can range from 2 to 4 hours depending on the complexity of the case and your unique surgical plan.

During the procedure, Dr. Florin first creates a pocket for the implant (usually under the muscle). This pocket is meticulously created with your overall goal and shape in mind. Once the pocket is formed, Dr. Florin uses implant sizers to make modifications to improve the shape and symmetry of the breasts. Finally, the implants will be placed in the implant pocket. Your incisions will be closed carefully in order to create the best possible scar.

A saline implant can be placed before it is filled with saline solution, meaning it requires a smaller incision. Silicone implants are pre-filled and therefore require slightly larger incisions.

Recovering From Breast Augmentation Surgery

Because you will be sedated or anesthetized during the procedure, you will need to arrange for a close friend or family member to bring you home. We also offer recovery suites and the help of our expert nurses who can monitor you during this time.

You can expect some discomfort that can be eased with prescribed medication from our medical staff, and you will be required to wear a compression garment (much like an athletic bra) during your recovery period.

Most patients take five to seven days off work, and can return to light activity after two weeks. You will be instructed to refrain from any strenuous activity during this time, including lifting or reaching. This can affect the placement of the implants during recovery, and our staff will ensure you have detailed steps to follow during your recovery. Avoid strenuous activity until around six weeks post-op.

It is common to feel tightness and pressure to your chest immediately after surgery and this tightness may be quite strong for several days. You will likely also experience decreased sensation to your nipples and breasts which should subside in a week or two.

Results of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Implants typically take about 3 months to “settle” into their final position. This is sometimes referred to as the “drop and fluff” process. At first, your implants will look high and boxy. As they settle, they will look softer and rounder, and your cleavage will improve. Until your implants settle, you should wear a non-underwire bra like the one we send you home wearing. Dr. Florin will let you know during follow-up appointments when your implants have settled and you are cleared to wear underwire bras (typically at 3 months).

Dr. Florin also assists breast augmentation patients with scar care during follow-up appointments if desired. The plan usually starts with scar cream or scar tape around 6 weeks after your surgery and continuing for at least one year.

Schedule a Consultation in Newport Beach, CA

Breast augmentation is a hugely popular and deeply personal procedure, which is why it’s so valuable to have a consultation with a breast augmentation surgeon like Dr. Whitney Florin to learn more about the procedure and what it can accomplish for you personally. Dr. Florin is an accomplished professional and genuinely kind plastic surgeon serving Orange County and Newport Beach patients. You can start the process by calling us at (949) 577-8180 or filling out a contact form on our website.


Are breast implants under warranty?

Breast implants do have a warranty so that the implant can be replaced in case of rupture. Most breast implants are under warranty for about 10 years after your initial surgery.

Can breast implants cause pain years later?

If you experience pain years after your breast augmentation, this can be a sign of capsular contracture. You should see a plastic surgeon as soon as possible, as a breast revision or breast implant removal may be necessary.

Can breast implants last 30 years?

It is possible for breast implants to last 30 years, but they are typically not considered lifetime devices. On average, breast implants last about 10-20 years.

Can fat be transferred to breasts?

It is possible to transfer fat to the breasts. This procedure is sometimes referred to as a natural breast augmentation.

Can I move my arms after breast augmentation?

After your breast augmentation, it is best to avoid lifting your arms above the shoulder during the initial healing period. Dr. Sadati will advise when you can safely return to a full range of motion.

Can you breast feed after breast augmentation

Yes, you can breastfeed after a breast augmentation. Breast implants do not interfere with breastfeeding.

Do breast implants cause autoimmune disease?

In rare cases, breast implants are associated with autoimmune disorders. Before your surgery, you should discuss your health history with Dr. Sadati to ensure that implants are a suitable option for you.

Do breasts sag after breast augmentation?

Eventually, the natural aging process can cause the breasts to sag, even if you have had a breast augmentation in the past. However, some women who face sagging choose a breast augmentation or lift to create a more youthful look. During your consultation, Dr. Sadati will review all of your options for your best possible long-term results.

Do you have to replace breast implants every 10 years?

It is not always necessary to replace breast implants every 10 years. You should have your breast implants evaluated regularly according to your doctors suggestion, but if breast implants are not ruptured, leaking, or recalled, they can remain in place.

Does getting breast implants make you gain weight?

It is common to gain up to five pounds immediately after your breast augmentation due to swelling and the weight of the implants. On average, implants should not weigh more than about 1-2 pounds.

Does insurance cover breast implants?

Breast implants are not covered by insurance because breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure. The exception would be implants used for a breast reconstruction procedure.

How do I know if my breast implant is leaking?

Some signs of breast implants leaking include changes in shape or size, pain, swelling, or firmness in the breasts. In some cases, leaking will also lead to capsular contracture. If you notice these symptoms, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sadati to evaluate your implants.

How do I prepare for breast implants?

Before your breast augmentation, you should follow Dr. Sadatis advice to prepare your health, purchase any necessary supplies such as comfortable clothing or nutritious meals for recovery, and have any medical screening tests completed as necessary. Dr. Sadati will explain what you need to know during your consultation.

How do you know if you have capsular contracture?

Some signs of capsular contracture include pain, asymmetry, and a sensation of tightness or increasing firmness in the breasts.

How long are breast augmentation incisions sore?

Most patients will experience soreness for about 2-3 weeks after their breast augmentation surgery.

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Dr. Whitney Florin

Dr. Whitney Florin is a third-generation physician specializing in maxillofacial surgery. She is dual board-certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery and is lauded for her excellence in transformative mommy makeover results and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. She has published peer-reviewed works on the use of BOTOX® and managing capsular contracture after breast augmentation - she also engages in ongoing research on cosmetic, maxillofacial, and general surgery. As one of the leading breast and body plastic surgeons in the Orange County area, Dr. Florin can provide an exceptional experience at the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Lounge.

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Dr. Whitney Florin is a highly esteemed surgeon who received her medical degree from Columbia University before practicing during her full-body procedures fellowship. She specializes in the “mommy makeover” helping women feel confident and empowered after doing the miraculous work of bringing a child into the world. She is well-known for her incredible skills as a surgeon and leader, as well as for her honest and warm attitude toward patients. Dr. Florin services the Newport Beach, CA, area but is sought out by patients all over the world. Dr. Florin welcomes patients who wish to fly in for their procedure, and the team at Gallery of Cosmetic Procedure & Aesthetic Lounge is happy to help you find the best accommodation for your recovery. Interested in seeing how Dr. Whitney Florin can make you feel like the best version of you yet? Schedule a virtual consultation today.

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Dr. Whitney Florin is a top body and breast surgeon in the Newport Beach and Orange County area with experience. A maxillofacial surgeon and Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery, she is particularly known for her incredible, natural-looking results. Dr. Whitney Florin is a bilingual cosmetic surgeon, speaking both English and Spanish. After years of studying under some of the cosmetic surgery worlds’ top minds, she has helped thousands of men and women love the way they look in the mirror. Dr. Whitney Florin specializes in Mommy Makeovers, Breast and Body Augmentation, Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, and Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty. She is a true artist that will help you love what you see in the mirror.



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