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Nose Procedures

in Newport Beach, CA

Your nose is easily the most prominent feature of your face and helps to define your appearance to others. If your nose is too small, too large or has an unnatural curve to it, it can dramatically affect your appearance and is easily something that can be corrected through rhinoplasty. The procedure known as rhinoplasty allows a skilled facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Sadati to adjust the size, shape, and position of your nose to accommodate for any concerns you may have.

At our office, Dr. Sadati performs a large variety of nose procedures to help meet the aesthetic & functional needs of each individual.


Dr. Sadati is a miracle worker, totally unbelievable! He is thorough, patient, experienced, and extremely talented. I couldn’t believe how good my nose looked after he removed the hump. Not only that but I actually breathe better now too because he opened my nasal canal. Grateful for this man!



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