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Facelift Surgery in Orange County

There are various techniques for a facelift which are considered by the surgeon after they analyze the anatomy and condition of the patient. The underlying fascia (also known as SMAS) is repositioned and facial fat and muscles are restored to their original position. This results in a smoother appearance that can make patients look up to ten years younger! After a consultation at Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Lounge, your surgeon will decide on the best suited procedure for your skin that will give you a natural look and younger appearance.


Choosing a Facelift Surgeon in Orange County

When considering a facelift procedure to address your signs of aging, patients must take the time to choose the best surgeon for their procedure. There are many things to consider when choosing a plastic surgery including their location, experience, education, and patient ratings. People of Orange County have the leverage of consulting with Dr. Kevin Sadati, who according to “Orange County Register” has been named as the “Best Cosmetic Surgeon” for four years in a row. Dr. Sadati is board certified in facial plastic surgery with exceptional experience in facial reconstruction and rejuvenation. He has performed over 3500 face and neck lifts, giving him the experience necessary to address a range of facial concerns. Dr. Sadati provides the most satisfying outcomes possible, which are proven in his 600+ 5-star reviews.

The Right Time for a Facelift

There are many surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures available today. Not every patient experiencing signs of aging will require a full facelift. For some, a brow lift or injectable treatment like Botox or fat transfer might be enough to restore their youth. However, when volume loss, severe wrinkles and folds, and midface sagging becomes an issue, it might be time for a facelift! An examination of your skin laxity and facial contour will determine if a facelift is right for you. Aged people who have sagging skin may require a vertical approach in which the skin of the forehead is lifted, continuing down to the neck which is lifted via a horizontal technique. Mid-aged people usually need mid-face lift in which the cheek pad fat is repositioned to minimize a hollow look. Then there are other techniques in which the top layer skin is addressed through minimal incisions. Regardless of your age and facial anatomy, Dr. Kevin Sadati will use the right method for you to give you an appealing outcome no matter where you’re at in the aging process.

Facelift Techniques

There are various facelift surgical techniques available in Orange County and Dr. Kevin Sadati is highly experienced in the latest, with thousands of surgeries under his belt. The people of Orange County can consult with him and he will employ one of the following procedures:

  • Traditional Facelift or Superficial Muscular Aponeurosis System (SMAS)
  • Natural Facelift
  • High SMAS
  • Transverse Plication
  • Short Scar Facelift or Mini Lift

Facelift techniques vary in invasion and result. A mini facelift can be chosen for less severe signs of aging, while a traditional facelift or facelift and neck lift combination can provide the most significant results. The natural facelift even offers a nonsurgical approach, using your own fat cells to restore your facial volume. Dr. Sadati will go over the facelift techniques available to you during your consultation in Orange County.

The Facelift Surgery

Dr. Kevin Sadati has a team of highly skilled and professional nurses and medical assistants who make sure that your surgery is performed in the best possible manner with minimum discomfort. They provide you with care and advice during and after your facelift journey which helps you rapidly recover after the surgical procedure. Dr. Sadati not only delivers the safe and effective care you need during surgery, but will be there for you after your procedure to ensure lasting results that you will be happy with.

To schedule your facelift procedure with Dr. Sadati in Orange County, contact our office at 949-706-7776.




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