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What are the risks and benefits of getting a rhinoplasty?

You may get up every morning and be troubled to look in the mirror because you are dismay with the way your nose looks. You may have thought about having plastic nose surgery also known as rhinoplasty,  but you are not certain what the risks related with the surgery are, and more significantly if you get the results that you are looking for.

In the past, patients used to get Rhinoplasty to repair birth defects or any asymmetry that may have been caused by an injury or an accident.  These patients would have trouble breathing through their nose because of a deviated nasal septum. In recent decades, the number of patients who are undergoing rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes has sky rocketed.

For many years you may have felt and aware that the tip of your nose is too bulging or drooping or that your nostrils are too wide apart. Likewise, some people go about in life feeling very self-conscious about the way their nose look but not know if something can be done about it. Their self-belief is lowered every time they have to meet new people or go to a social event. Conversely, rhinoplasty can bring your nose to a well balanced and aesthetic shape or size that you have been looking for.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty:

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  • It can reduce the bridge or hump on the nose to a straight
  • It can improve the tip of the nose
  • It can improve the size of a nose making it smaller or bigger
  • It can modify the angle of the nose upward or downward.


Rhinoplasty is performed on the inside of the nose with the plastic rhinoplasty surgeon working on the cartilage and the bone structure. Usually incisions are made inside the nose; in addition some incisions are made on the septum to correct the septal deviation. The rhinoplasty surgeon vigilantly lifts up the skin from the underlying cartilage and bone tissue.  Then surgeon can see the complete nasal structure and then repair the nasal bone as well as cartilage.  To repair the nasal bone or the cartilage, the rhinoplasty surgeon may utilize some of the cartilage from septum or the ear cartilage.

Like any other major surgery, rhinoplasty carries certain risks. Some are common surgical risks such as sensitivity to anesthesia, bleeding, or infection. Rhinoplasty has certain specific associated risk like nosebleeds, prolonged numbness of nasal tip, and decrease sense of smell. To understand these risks and benefits for you please speak with your rhinoplasty surgeon so he can help you to determine if the rhinoplasty is the right procedure for you.



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