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Things You Don’t Know About a Tummy Tuck

Things You Don't Know About a Tummy TuckYou know that a well-balanced diet and regular exercise are the key to good health, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your body will be sculpted the way that you want it to be.
You can lose 25 pounds, but still not have that six-pack body. You might have lost all of the baby weight that you gained during pregnancy, but you may not be ready to reveal your body in a bikini. Dr. Kevin Sadati is an expert in cosmetic surgery and has been servicing Orange County patients for the last decade. He has found that the abdominoplasty, commonly known as the tummy tuck, is one of the most popular procedures among Newport Beach patients.

Things You Don’t Know About a Tummy Tuck



The best candidates for this procedure possess a variety of different characteristics, and must meet certain qualifications before the operation can be completed. Patients who have the most success with this operation have excess skin in their abdominal region, an abdominal area that is disproportional to the rest of their body, weakened muscles in the abdomen and excess fat in the abdominal region.

Prior to Tummy Tuck

As a facial plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgery expert, Dr. Kevin Sadati recommends that patients lose all of the weight they want prior to the tummy tuck. When you complete your weight loss routine, Dr. Kevin Sadati will be able to more accurately determine your trouble spots. He will be able to provide you with expert, customized results that allow you to look amazing.

You Should Consider Other Surgeries

Patients who are interested in additional procedures, such as a facelift or rhinoplasty, should have them performed at the same time as the abdominoplasty. This allows patients to maximize their recovery period, rather than spending several months recovering from operations that are done one after another. Many patients are a good candidate for combination procedures, where they have a tummy tuck performed along with another plastic surgery procedure at the same time.

Thoughts on Tummy Tucks

Most people who opt to have this procedure performed are thrilled with their results. The abdominoplasty has one of the highest rates of satisfaction among patients. In fact, a recent report noted that 95 percent of people who chose to have this surgery done felt it was worth their time and would recommend it to others in a similar situation.

It should be noted that the tummy tuck procedure is not a quick fix to your diet and weight loss issues. Once the operation is complete, you will still have to work to maintain your new image. You can’t go back to eating whatever you want, whenever you want. It’s important to recognize the abdominoplasty as a life-changing moment, where you adopt new routines and make the necessary lifestyle changes to live a healthy life. To find out more information about the tummy tuck procedure and to see what other cosmetic surgery operations might be beneficial for you, set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Kevin Sadati today.



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