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The Top 5 Procedures for Teens

The Top 5 Procedures for Newport Beach TeensAs plastic surgery becomes more and more acceptable in the 21st Century, many teenagers are opting for a surgical solution to their image needs. Professional studies have, time and again, demonstrated how plastic surgery enhances self esteem and increases self confidence; and, teenagers are no different.

In fact, teens represent a significant demographic in surgical correction techniques. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19 had nearly 210,000 cosmetic surgery procedures in 2009. While most people think that teenagers do not need to go under the knife, there are a lot of cosmetic procedures popular with this crowd.
Here are the Top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures performed on teenagers between 13 and 19:



34, 994 nose jobs were done on teenagers in 2009 according to the Fact Sheet. Some of these were Sweet Sixteen gifts that represent a rite of passage for thousands of young women. However, rhinoplasties are also performed on young, promising athletes who have suffered a facial injury.


Male breast reduction accounted for almost 13,000 procedures. Drastic weight loss or overweight conditions can cause unwanted, oversized male breasts; which can make life impossible for a teenage guy.

Breast Augmentation

More than 8,100 implants were done in 2009 among young women. Many of these were intended to boost a girls self confidence while many others were performed to restore confidence for those suffering from underdeveloped female bodies.


According to the APSA Fact Sheet, ear reshaping surgeries made up more than 7,900 procedures among teens in 2009.


Fat reduction techniques rounded out the Top 5 Teen procedures that year with 3,179 patients seeking treatment for unsightly body fat.

Some people may look at these statistics with a fair bit of skepticism, or even judgment. It may be worth noting that many of these procedures were performed for medical reasons including birth defects or recovery from a serious illness. Whatever the case, being a teenager in todays society can be more challenging as peer groups often show less tolerance for physical deformity or imperfection. Plastic surgery can go a long way to making a teen feel a lot better about themselves; and, isnt that worth it?



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