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The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgical Procedures for Men Are

The Most Popular Newpot Beach Cosmetic Surgical Procedures for MenDo men really have plastic surgery? We are talking real men, not Hollywood types that need it to get their next multimillion dollar role. The simple answer is: yes, regular Joes do get a little work done. While they only account for 9% of all cosmetic procedures, that still totals over 2 million guys.

What do men visit a plastic surgeon for? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2009 Fact Sheet, here are the Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures for Men:



66,000 men opted for a nose reshaping procedure. Nose reshaping involves shaving down a dorsal hump or changing a drooping or bulbous tip. Men like to present strength in their appearance and the nose plays an important role.

Eyelid Surgery

30,000 males opted for a procedure known as a Blepharoplasty. Drooping or fatty eyelids can be a real problem for men. Eyelid surgery can correct sagging eyelids as well as puffiness and bags.


22,000 guys had fat removed with a vacuum and cannula. Nothing says masculinity quite like a six pack of abdominals and a ripped chest. Liposuction is great for guys who just cannot seem to get rid of those few extra pounds burying their abs.

Breast Reduction

Known as a Gynecomastia, 17,000 men opted to have their man-boobs reduced. This procedure is generally performed after major weight loss, or perhaps the Number Three on the list. Nothing emasculates men more than oversized breasts.

Fat deposits collect in the breast area as well as the abdominal region in men. Major weight loss can leave these areas sagging and unattractive. The Gynecomastia can correct these problems and give men a much needed lift.

Hair Transplant

13,000 guys went in for a permanent solution to hair loss. For some, topical creams or weaves will not cover their bald spots. Plastic surgeons can offer transplants that transcend the old-style plugs. These days, hair transplants look more natural and go largely undetected.

There it is. Cosmetic surgical procedures for men are much more common than people think. While these run down the Top Five for surgical, there are many more that opt for a minimally invasive technique. Either way, societys stigma on men having a little work done is fading fast.



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