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The Awake Facelift

One of the most advanced procedures is the Awake Facelift procedure. This provides patients with the ability to undergo their Facelift procedure without the complications related to general anesthesia. Dr. Sadati at the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is an expert in facial surgery and with his advanced techniques, he can provide patients with an Awake Facelift. You may be wondering if this is the right option for you. Read on to learn more about the Awake Facelift.


Awake Procedures are Nothing New

This type of procedure is nothing new. Though this is being advertised as a new type of treatment, the science behind it has existed for many years. The Awake Facelift uses tumescent anesthesia which is a type of local anesthesia. This type of sedation was invented in the 1980s, originally for liposuction procedures. Prior to this invention, all liposuction procedures were done using general anesthesia. This created complications such as significant blood loss and lengthy recovery times. Now with tumescent anesthesia, liposuction is routinely done under local anesthesia. We have seen patients experience much quicker recovery times.

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What is Tumescent Anesthesia?

Tumescent fluid helps to numb the treatment area without putting the patient to sleep. This fluid is composed of saline, lidocaine, and epinephrine. The lidocaine is a numbing agent and the epinephrine constricts blood vessels to reduce any bleeding. There are a few facts about tumescent that are important for our patients to know:

  • Reduces Bruising After Surgery
  • Numbs the Area Locally
  • Reduces Bleeding During Surgery

Dr. Sadati provides his patients with highly advanced techniques that give them an easier recovery with minimal bruising and swelling. This is shown through his Awake Facelift.

Wide Awake Vs. Mild Sedation

The wide-awake procedure is used by some facelift surgeons.  Although this is a good option, not every Facelift procedure should be done while the patient is awake. This technique is for micro or mini facelift.  A facelift that requires neck lift, eyelid lift or fat grafting requires deeper anesthesia, so the patient is comfortable. Dr. Sadati with his extensive facial plastic surgery experience utilizes tumescent technique combined with twilight sedation (like colonoscopy anesthesia).  This technique reduces all the complication associated with general anesthesia while patients are comfortably sleeping.

Levels of Anesthesia

Anesthesia offers many different options so that surgeons can make sure their patients are comfortable. Tumescent anesthesia is often combined with intravenous sedation or oral sedation. This helps the patient be more comfortable during surgery. This is also helpful for patients who have anxiety about doing an awake procedure as they have two methods of sedation.

Surgeon Experience is Key

Getting a facelift is a big decision and choosing the right surgeon is a part of it. If you go with an inexperienced surgeon this can create complications and give you undesirable results. With an experienced surgeon and sculptor such as Dr. Sadati, he can tailor his facelift technique to fit your desired results, facial structure, and concerns. He understands that everyone is different. By listening to your concerns, he will let you know if the Awake Facelift vs twilight sedation is the correct option for you or not. To learn more about Dr. Sadati and his various facelift techniques come into the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation. Dr. Sadati is a highly sought-after board-certified plastic surgeon, he is known for providing patients with natural-looking results through his advanced facelift surgeries.



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