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Sinus Surgery – What To Expect

Sinus surgery is an option for people who are dealing with chronic sinus issues. Orange County residents should understand that it is not normal to suffer from nasal congestion on a regular basis and that sinus headaches should not be something they battle with each day. Dr. Kevin Sadati believes that sinus surgery is a great choice for Newport Beach residents who have tried other treatment options for their sinus issues without success. If you have decided to have sinus surgery performed by an ENT surgeon, then it’s time to research what you should expect from this surgery.

What Should I Expect From Sinus Surgery?

As this is a major surgical procedure, you can expect to be in some discomfort after the procedure is complete. The surgeon will provide you with a prescription for pain medications after the operation so that you can manage your pain.

You may notice bloody mucous and nasal secretions in the days following the operation. Light bleeding is normal, but heavy bleeding is not. If you experience heavy bleeding, contact your surgeon immediately. In order to minimize bloody mucous, rest with your head elevated and avoid blowing your nose. Do not exercise for at least two weeks after the operation.

There is a chance you might have lingering nasal congestion for the first few days and weeks after the surgery. Some people will notice immediate relief, but because of swelling and bruising, it can take some patients a week or so for the nasal congestion to subside.

Depending on the surgery that you have performed, you may have nasal packing in your nose during the first few days of your recovery. In most cases, the packing will be removed by your surgeon several days after the surgery has been performed.

You will likely spend 1-2 weeks recovering at home after the sinus surgery procedure. During this time, you should rest as much as possible and allow your body to heal from the operation.

You will have to schedule follow-up visits with your surgeon throughout your recovery. The surgeon will evaluate the results as well as your healing process during these appointments. He may use saline spray to gently clean out the surgical area.

If you feel like sinus surgery is the best option for you and your health, then contact Dr. Kevin Sadati in order to set up a consultation appointment. Dr. Kevin Sadati is an expert ENT surgeon who is familiar with several different types of sinus surgery procedures. He can help you decide on the right sinus surgery procedure for you, and develop a surgical plan that will minimize your discomfort and maximize your results.



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