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Septoplasty Recovery Time

The septoplasty is a medical procedure that is designed to correct a deviated septum. A deviated septum is a structural issue in the nose where the tissue between the nostrils is separated or crooked. Orange County patients who are afflicted with a deviated septum may have difficulty with breathing, excessive snoring problems, frequent nosebleeds, sinus headaches, and other nasal issues. Dr. Kevin Sadati has found that educating patients about the septoplasty procedure and its associated recovery time helps all Newport Beach patients make well-informed decisions about their personal health.

Septoplasty Recovery Facts

Patients can expect the recovery period to last for about three weeks after the operation. During this time, it is crucial that recovering patients take it easy and rest with their heads elevated. This helps to reduce swelling and bruising. Patients should avoid bending over, lifting heavy objects, chewing difficult or hard foods, and talking excessively. All physical activity should be limited, and every patient should avoid contact sports and strenuous exercise for at least several weeks. Patients should also be extra cautious about sun exposure, for their nasal skin will be especially vulnerable in the weeks immediately after the operation.

The hours immediately following the surgery will be the most difficult. Patients can expect there to be significant bruising and swelling as a result of the surgery. Most patients will wake up with packing inside their nose in order to help control the bleeding. This packing protects the surgical site and incision, but some patients find it to be uncomfortable. The packing will be removed by the surgeon during a follow-up visit.

Patients are encouraged to set up follow-up visits with Dr. Sadati. These visits ensure that the patient is healing properly and is on the right road to recovery. Dr. Sadati will inspect the incision site and make sure that everything is going smoothly. He also will help to remove any crusting or dried blood that has formed in the nose, in order to make the patient more comfortable and to help prevent infection.

Dr. Sadati urges septoplasty patients to use nasal irrigation products to help promote the natural healing process. Dr. Sadati recommends that patients purchase a nasal saline spray before they have their septoplasty performed so that it is on-hand immediately after the surgery. He notes that patients should spray each nostril two to four times and repeat this task several times throughout the day. This will help keep the nose moisturized as well as allow the patient to breathe easier and be more comfortable.

Patients who are about to undergo a septoplasty should understand that this surgery is not designed to improve the physical appearance of their nose. While the septoplasty will alter the inner workings and structure of the nose, it will not result in an improved appearance. Patients who are more interested in cosmetic solutions should consider the rhinoplasty procedure. To find out more information about the septoplasty procedure and its recovery time, set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Sadati today.



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