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Rhinoplasty Bridge – Repairing and Reducing Bump

Orange County residents have many reasons for wanting to have a rhinoplasty performed by an expert facial plastic surgeon. Some people are hoping to increase their facial harmony, while others are hoping to reduce the size of their nasal tip. One of the most common reasons for having a nose job is to reduce the bump or hump on the nasal bridge. Newport Beach patients may find that the bump on the bridge of their nose is distracting, and it may make them feel self conscious. This is a common rhinoplasty procedure, but it should only be performed by a cosmetic surgeon who is an expert in this particular technique.

How is the Nose Bridge Repaired During a Rhinoplasty?

Prior to performing the actual procedure, the surgeon evaluates the severity of the bump on the patient’s nose bridge. The severity of the bump and the amount that the patient wants it reduced will impact the overall plan for the surgery. In some cases, patients only want to minimize the bump while also preserving their cultural identity. In other situations, the bump is the result of an accident or injury and the patient wants it removed for aesthetic reasons.

The surgeon will either remove a portion of the bone and cartilage in order to reduce the appearance of the hump, or a chisel will be used in order to make a more dramatic improvement in the patient’s appearance. The structure of the nasal septum also may have to be adjusted in order to provide the patient with optimum results after the surgery. The technique that the surgeon uses will vary from patient to patient, depending on their facial features and their desires for the surgery.

In some cases, a cartilage graft is required in order to provide the patient with the most comprehensive results. If a cartilage graft is necessary, cartilage is removed from the nasal septum and is grafted into another part of the nasal structure in order to provide additional support. Cartilage also may be grafted from behind the ear lobes.

It is important that patients have an idea of what improvements they want made prior to having their rhinoplasty procedure performed. The consultation process provides the patient with a chance to discuss their desires and their goals for the surgery with the surgeon, and allows them to have a realistic understanding of what types of results can be achieved. During the consultation, the patient should note that they want the bump on the bridge of their nose reduced or eliminated. This allows the surgeon to create the perfect customized surgical plan for the individual patient, ensuring that all of their needs are met during the actual operation.



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