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Reasons For Blepharoplasty

Time is not always on your side, and sometimes it can have a devastating impact on your face. Sometimes it’s the result of the genetics, and other times it is the result of stress and pressure from the workplace, but drooping, puffy, dark and sagging eyelids are not uncommon among people who have reached their middle ages.

Orange County residents may try various over-the-counter makeup products in order to attempt to mask these symptoms, but there is only one way to guarantee successful, long-term results.

The blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is increasing in popularity throughout Newport Beach. Commonly known as the eyelid surgery, the goal of this operation is to minimize swelling, puffiness and sagging skin on the upper or lower eyelids.

 What are the Most Popular Reasons for Having a Blepharoplasty?

The majority of people opt to have the blepharoplasty performed in order to improve their appearance and reduce the impact of aging on their face. A person who has sagging or drooping eyelids may appear to be tired or even angry all the time. This can have a negative impact on both their personal and professional lives, and there are no products on the market that can completely mask this phenomenon.

 When opting to have a blepharoplasty performed, patients can choose to have the upper eyelids operated on, or the lower eyelids. The surgeon will recommend which type of blepharoplasty will work best for them as an individual. In some cases, both eyelids can be operated on at the same time.

 Some people are required to have the blepharoplasty procedure performed in order to remove an obstruction from their vision. As a person ages, their eyelids can droop significantly. In the case of some people, this can actually cause a vision obstruction. This is usually the result of aging, genetics or stress.

 The blepharoplasty can be performed in order to remove excess skin and alter the muscles in the eyelid in order to eliminate the vision obstruction for the patient. In addition, most patients will find that they look younger and more energized after the surgery and recovery is complete.

Regardless of why you have decided to have the eyelid surgery performed, it’s important to find an experienced facial plastic surgeon for the job. Whether you want to look refreshed and rejuvenated, or you simply want to be able to see better again, only the best cosmetic surgeon can give you the natural-looking results that you are hoping for.

 It is essential to work with a facial plastic surgeon who is educated as well as experienced. You will want to find a physician who is committed to learning the latest techniques and enhancing the procedure with the most advanced technology in cosmetic surgery.

Schedule a consultation with the surgeon in order to meet with the doctor face-to-face. This will allow you to assess the personality and demeanor of the surgeon, and determine if this person is the right choice for your blepharoplasty.



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