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Realistic Changes That Can Be Made During Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a popular facial procedure performed by Dr. Sadati. This procedure is performed on both men and women to improve the look and functionality of their nose. Due to its placement, the nose has a significant impact on your appearance. Patients often seek rhinoplasty from Dr. Sadati to reduce the size and to reshape the nose in order to improve certain features that they find undesirable.

Over the last several decades, rhinoplasty has come a long way. Currently, the newest modalities of this nose surgery involve a “less is more” approach. The idea behind this technique is to manipulate the nose without being too aggressive and preserve the ideal anatomy. No patient wants an overly done nose that doesn’t look natural. Dr. Sadati is well-regarded for his natural facial surgeries that give patients idyllic results without the mark of a procedure. He also understands the unique anatomy of the nose which allows him to guarantee his patients the best outcome.

How Can Rhinoplasty Change Your Nose?

When it comes to getting rhinoplasty, it is important to have realistic expectations about what can be achieved. Make sure that you and Dr. Sadati are on the same page regarding your goals. Do this by sharing photos with him about features that you desire, and even picking out some of his prior patients for results that you would want. The results that can be expected from rhinoplasty depend on the anatomy of your nose as well as the expertise of your surgeon. Luckily, Dr. Sadati is not only a surgeon but an artist so he has a certain eye for detail and symmetry that cannot be matched.

If you have a wide base of your nose, then this can be narrowed. If the bridge has a hump, this can be lowered. The tip of the nose can also be modified. If the nostrils are excessively flare, they can be narrowed. Also, a long nose can be shortened. All of these individual components come together to create an elegantly beautiful, symmetric, and natural appearance.

But the nose was made for more than just appearances, it was made for breathing. For patients with breathing issues, it is important that they go to a surgeon with that assess the internal nasal anatomy pathology so the function of your nose can be addressed at the time of your surgery. Dr. Sadati has been trained extensively in the structures of the face and nose. He can create a beautiful nose that is completely functional, so patients can breathe normally and look good.

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Dr. Sadati is world-renowned for his plastic surgery techniques. He is a double-board certified surgeon who specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is known for his quality, effective care, and beautiful results. Dr. Sadati has based his practice on his passion for art and surgery. If you would like to learn more about Rhinoplasty and what it can do for you, come into the Gallery of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Lounge.



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