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Patient Success: Measuring the Results

Patient Success: Measuring the ResultsLooking great can involve diet, exercise, and a little commitment. However, looking great also involves a little tuning and body contouring is a fast growing field. But what makes a satisfied patient? A recent review of available plastic surgery statistics reveals that while appropriate metrics of patient-reported outcomes currently exist for other areas of plastic surgery, these instruments are lacking in body contouring.

The review discovered five patient-reported outcome questionnaires developed to measure patient satisfaction and quality of life concerns among body contouring surgery patients: one liposuction, one general plastic surgery, and three for breast reduction. A detailed examination of these documents revealed that these questionnaires are limited by their content range and certain psycho-graphic dimensions. Further, many of the questionnaires that measures were unique in their covering of items such as postoperative scarring, making it a better choice to evaluate specific patient satisfaction outcomes.

What this means for patients is that a higher degree of patient satisfaction continues to evolve and that hard data is at the forefront of patient satisfaction measures. In Orange Countys famed Newport Beach, an epicenter for high quality plastic surgery procedures, patient satisfaction ranks as a success metric for many offices.

Sometimes there is a lot of talk about how successful the results are from a surgical perspective. However, innovative surgeons have been putting patient success at the forefront of their practice.

Patient success is an important success metric of any Orange County cosmetic surgeons practice. Top-tier, board certified plastic surgeons leverage the instruments available to measure outcomes in breast augmentation, face lifts, nose jobs, and liposuction. As plastic surgery moves deeper into the 21st century, more metrics will become available to measure patient success in other areas of body contouring including butt-lifts, tummy-tucks, mommy-makeovers, and eyelid surgeries. These satisfaction measures are becoming more and more comprehensive and involve non-surgical dimensions such as customer service.

Plastic surgery patients from around the world come to Newport Beach to get body contouring done and doctors are paying attention to their patients needs more than ever before.



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