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What is a Nasal Splint?

The nose job operation is only the first part of the rhinoplasty. To guarantee the best results, patients must follow all post-operative instructions provided to them by their facial plastic surgeon. These recovery instructions are designed to guide the patient on a personal journey through the recovery process, allowing their nose to heal and to ensure that they look their best when the recovery is complete. A nasal splint may be placed on the nose for a portion of the nose job recovery, so patients should understand what a nasal splint is and what role it plays during the healing process.

What is a Nasal Splint?

By definition, a nasal splint is a small device placed on the nose by a nose surgeon in order to give support to the structure of the nose. The structure of the nose is extremely fragile, and during the rhinoplasty, a nose surgeon will alter the bone structure as well as the cartilage within the nose. The splint helps support the structure of the nose during the first few days of healing, which is the most critical period of the recovery process.

The nasal splint can be made of one of several materials, depending on the needs of the patient. In most cases, a splint will be created from metal or plastic. Some patients may have a rigid splint created whereas others might require a more flexible splint.

The type of splint will depend on the work that is done during the rhinoplasty procedure, and where the splint needs to be placed after the operation is complete. In most cases, external splints are needed for the rhinoplasty procedure. Patients can expect most external splints to be created from metal materials. Padding is added in order to make the splint comfortable for the patient.

[su_quote]The purpose of the nasal splint is to maintain the new shape of the nose after the nose job is complete and to provide support to the structure as the body heals after the procedure. [/su_quote]The rhinoplasty procedure is to improve the appearance of the nose, therefore, the splint plays a significant role. The splint will hold the new shape and structure of the nose in place, helping to finalize the work that the surgeon has done.

Most patients will find that there is a nasal splint on their nose after they wake up from their rhinoplasty operation. They should not be alarmed by this device, and if they have any questions they should ask the ENT specialist that they are working with for more information about the nasal splint.

In most cases, the splint will be removed in a few days and the patient can continue on with the recovery process. It is important to allow the nose time to heal before evaluating the results of the cosmetic surgery. While the splint is removed within a few days, the actual nose job recovery can take up to a year. Patients should remain vigilant and protect their nose during this vulnerable period of healing and recovery.



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