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Is a Cosmetic Scar Surgery For You?

Whether a person has a scar from a previous surgery, or their skin is scarred as a result of an injury or accident, they may feel self-conscious about this marking on their body. Scars can be a distracting feature, and they can make a person look less attractive, depending on the size and the location of the scar. However, Orange County residents should note that they do have options available to them. They do not have to live with a large and unattractive scar on their body for the rest of their lives. Dr. Kevin Sadati offers cosmetic scar surgery for patients in Newport Beach and the surrounding region.

Is a Cosmetic Scar Surgery For You?

Cosmetic scar surgery is a procedure designed to minimize the appearance of a scar or remove the scar entirely. The goal of this procedure is to improve the appearance of the patient and to help them feel more confident about themselves. Depending on the location of the scar, the surgery also can provide structural improvements and enhancements for the patient.

This is an ideal choice for patients who are looking for permanent results. Many people spend hours each day trying to mask their scars, and they find that makeup and other products do not give them the results that they want. Cosmetic scar surgery does not hide the appearance of the scar, but rather eliminates the scar completely from the person’s skin. Whether a scar is located on a person’s face or another part of their body, cosmetic scar surgery can address the issue at hand and provide the patient with stunning results.

Patients who are considering this operation should be aware of the risks and side effects of the surgery. Swelling and bruising is the most common side effect reported with this surgery, but patients are relieved to find out that it will subside in the days and weeks following the operation. Infection, pain, and discomfort are other possible side effects of the surgery. In rare cases, there may be scar recurrence, and the scar will form again on the patient’s body.

The risks and side effects of this procedure are minimized greatly when it is performed by an expert cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Kevin Sadati. Dr. Kevin Sadati works with each patient on an individual basis in order to be sure that he can completely remove the scar from their body. He recognizes that scars can be distracting and can limit a person’s ability to interact with others. He believes that all people living in Orange County should feel comfortable and confident about their appearance. To set up a consultation to discuss cosmetic scar surgery, contact Dr. Kevin Sadati’s office today.



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