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How the Chin Affects Your Face

Your jaw bone provides the framework for your face and ultimately defines your facial appearance. Your chin quickly becomes one of the focal points of the face, given its prominence within the jaw bone structure. Dr. Kevin Sadati recognizes the important role that the chin plays in determining a person’s appearance, and he emphasizes this importance to all of his Orange County patients who are interested in their cosmetic surgery options. The structure and appearance of the chin can be impacted by genetic and environmental factors, and also can be changed by injury and trauma. Newport Beach patients should take the time to research how the chin affects their face before their consultation appointment with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati.

The Impact of Aging on the Chin

Many bones and structures within the body stop growing and changing at a certain point, but that is not true when it comes to the facial structure. The jaw line and chin will continue to grow, develop and change as a person ages. Aging patients might notice that their chin starts to protrude with age and that their jaw line is changed due to wear and tear on their teeth. Loss of volume in the bones can also make a person’s face appear hollow and gaunt.

Lifestyle Choices and Environmental Factors

A person who does not prioritize their dental health or have access to quality dental care may notice that this takes a toll on the appearance of their face. As periodontal disease sets in, and the patient begins to lose one or more of their teeth, the shape of their jaw and chin can change. People who have a habit of grinding their teeth will notice that their jaw looks more flat and masculine than those who do not grind their teeth in their sleep.

Effects of Injury, Trauma and Accidents

Injury to the jaw is fairly common, especially for those who participate in contact sports. While the jaw injury can impact their facial appearance, it’s important to note that these changes can easily be fixed through cosmetic surgery. It’s important to treat the injury as soon as possible as there can be long-term consequences if it’s not performed early enough.

The chin is one of the most important features on a person’s face. A disproportionate chin can throw off facial harmony, and can be detracting from a person’s appearance. A chin that has been injured will negatively determine the shape of the facial profile, which can take both a physical and emotional toll on the patient. People throughout Orange County have trusted Dr. Kevin Sadati in altering the appearance of their chin and their face for the last 10 years. Dr. Kevin Sadati provides the most natural-looking results, and individually determines the best approach to take for each patient. To find out more information about cosmetic surgery procedures that can change the appearance of the chin, set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Kevin Sadati today.



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