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Facial Rejuvenation with Co2 Laser

Imagine an age-fighting tool that can instantly rejuvenate your face without requiring an invasive surgical procedure or a lengthy recovery time. It probably sounds like something from outer space or a wish from your dreams.

However, this incredible tool has arrived at Dr. Kevin Sadati’s office, ready to be used on patients in Newport Beach. As an expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati is always looking  to improve his patients’ results in order to enhance their experience. The CO2 laser is the facial rejuvenation answer that many people in Orange County have desired.

The CO2 laser is a sophisticated tool that uses a cooling system to provide amazing results in a matter of minutes for the patient. Once the treatment is complete, patients will notice that sun spots have virtually disappeared, fine lines and wrinkles have been significantly diminished, and scars are eliminated. In general, they look young, refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of life once again. Patients also report that their skin elasticity and tone improves, all because of this one simple procedure.

The laser works by creating thousands of tiny holes in the patient’s skin, which trains the skin to start reproducing cells and repair the holes. This means that new, fresh and beautiful skin cells are created almost instantly. At the beginning of treatment, the laser uses heat in order to signal the body to produce natural collagen, which helps the patient to enjoy a lush, full and youthful appearance again. This also helps to tighten the skin, and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles. However, these heat treatments can be uncomfortable, which is why Dr. Kevin Sadati chose a tool that has a cooling system. The cooling system not only helps to keep patients comfortable while undergoing these treatments, but it also helps to reduce side effects of the procedure.

Most patients find that this is a very easy treatment to undergo. Local anesthetic is used to keep patients feeling comfortable and pain-free. While there may be some bruising and swelling present after the initial treatment, most patients are able to resume their normal daily obligations within several days. Patients may notice that they look better immediately after the procedure, but it can take up to seven days for the full results to be seen by the patient. Patients who are recovering from this procedure should discuss a skin care regimen with Dr. Kevin Sadati, as well as take extra measures to protect their skin from the sun.

The CO2 laser can be used on people of all different skin types and shades. This is a wonderful way for patients to improve their appearance, gain back their youth and boost their confidence. To find out more information about Dr. Kevin Sadati’s new CO2 laser and to discuss facial rejuvenation treatments, set up a free cosmetic consultation today. Dr. Kevin Sadati looks forward to working with all of his patients in order to provide them with the natural-looking results they want.



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