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Facial Plastic Surgery — Could I Have Multiple Procedures in One Day?

Perhaps you are disappointed with the sagging skin around your neck, but maybe you also feel like you could use a brow lift. Aging can take its toll on the face in many different ways, and people often want to address different portions of their face through cosmetic surgery procedures.

The good news is that combination facial plastic surgery procedures are quite common and are beneficial in many ways. Orange County patients have found that combination facial plastic surgery procedures maximize their results while minimizing the cost of surgery and the downtime after the fact.


What are the Benefits of Combination Procedures?

There are many benefits associated with the various combination procedures that are available. For starters, combination procedures allow patients to get the best results possible after their cosmetic surgery is complete. Different surgical procedures address different parts of the face, and there isn’t one procedure that can do it all.

Combination procedures allow patients to get the results they want and need while only undergoing one operation. As the patient must only pay one facility fee and one anesthesia fee, it is less expensive to have multiple procedures done at once rather than to have them performed separately. Also, the patient only has to endure one recovery rather than several recovery periods after each individual operation.

There are many different combination procedures available for patients to choose from. Some of the most popular combination procedures combine the facelift with other facial plastic surgery procedures, such as the cheek implant or the chin implant. The rhinoplasty also can be performed at the same time as other procedures, such as the facelift or the septoplasty. A facelift combined with a brow lift is also a common combination procedure that is performed in Orange County.

What Considerations Have to be Made Prior to the Combination Procedure Being Performed?

As with any type of cosmetic surgery, the patient must be in good physical health and stable emotional health prior to having the surgery performed. The age of the patient may also play in a role in which types of procedures can be combined into one operation. In some cases, older patients can not be placed under anesthesia for a significant period of time.

The surgeon will have to evaluate what procedures will be combined and how long the actual operation will take before deciding if it is the best choice for the patient. In some cases, individual and separate operations are recommended.

Newport Beach patients who are looking to improve their appearance and achieve well-rounded results should discuss their combination options with a facial plastic surgeon. Perhaps a person who is having a facelift performed could also benefit from having cheek implants and chin implants done at the same time. Different combinations work better for different patients. Each patient is treated as an individual, and these combinations are designed in order to provide the most natural-looking results for the patient.



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