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Facelift vs. Mini Facelift

Many patients come to Dr. Kevin Sadati with a desire to look younger and feel better about their appearance. However, they don’t always know which procedure they want to have done, and furthermore, do not always understand the differences. As an expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati aims to work individually with each Orange County patient to determine which cosmetic surgery is the best choice. For Newport Beach patients who are interested in a facelift procedure, Dr. Kevin Sadati often uses factors such as age, aging symptoms and lifestyle when making a decision about whether the facelift or mini facelift procedure is the best choice.

Facts About the Facelift

During the full facelift procedure, Dr. Kevin Sadati will eliminate excess fat from the entire face and tighten the facial muscles. Incisions are typically created under the chin or behind the patient’s ears.

The full facelift is ideal for patients who are further along in the aging process, and have more severe symptoms such as deep lines and wrinkles and excessive sagging skin on their face.

Twilight sedation is used for the full facelift procedure without the need for general anesthesia, and operating times will vary based on the patient and what surgical technique must be used. Dr. Kevin Sadati notes that most facelift procedures will take anywhere from two to five hours to complete.

After the operation is complete, traditional facelift patients will experience swelling and bruising. Most patients recover completely within three weeks, but must rest for at least 7-10 days following the operation. Most people can return to work after 7-10 days. Swelling can last for a couple of months.

Facts About the Mini Facelift

The mini facelift procedure focuses on a person’s cheek and neck. It is designed to remove excess fat from the face, and eliminate any excess skin. Most incisions for the mini facelift are created under the chin.

A mini facelift is the best choice for a patient who is just entering their middle ages and might be showing the beginning signs of aging. It is also a good choice for patients who are overweight and want to look slimmer.

This operation can typically be completed within 45 minutes, the procedure is performed with twilight sedation and local anesthesia.

There is less swelling and bruising after the mini facelift. The average patient must still rest for about 5-7 days, and can typically return to work within one week.

No matter which choice you make, one thing is certain. Dr. Kevin Sadati will work tirelessly to provide you with personalized, natural-looking results. His goal is to turn back the clock a decade, and allow you to look like a younger version of yourself. He doesn’t want to transform your looks, or make you feel like a person that you are not. To find out more information about the facelift procedure and the mini facelift surgery, set up a free cosmetic consultation appointment with Dr. Kevin Sadati today. He is looking forward to meeting with you and creating a plan to allow you to enjoy your youth again.



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