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Dr. Sadati is invited to the 95th Annual Clinical Assembly of the AOCOO-HNS/Facial Plastic Surgery to Introduce a New Facelift Technique.

Dr. Kevin Sadati Introduces New Facelift TechniqueBy special invitation from The American Osteopathic Colleges of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Kevin Sadati has been asked to speak on his inimitable Double-C Plication Facelift technique.  Dr. Sadatis paper on his special technique was recently published by The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery to very positive feedback from his peers.

This year, the 95th Annual Clinical Assembly of the AOCOO-HNS/Facial Plastic Surgery will be held in Tucson, Arizona on May 6, 2011.  Dr. Sadati has been asked to speak at several prestigious medical conventions in the past, including; the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery; The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery; and now he is honored to speak at the 2011 Annual Clinical Assembly to his colleagues on the topic of his lower face rejuvenation.

By adopting a new muscle tightening technique called the Double C-Plication (tightening of the facial muscles) for face lifting, Dr. Kevin Sadati, a California facial plastic surgeon, is pioneering a breakthrough mini face lift that provides a durable, natural-looking lift that provides patients with a quick recovery.

Patients love this procedure because it is done under local anesthesia using oral sedation without the need, or complication, that general anesthesia can cause.

Considered the next generation of high definition facial rejuvenation, this lift does not have the prolonged and painful recovery that is usually associated with traditional face lifts.  By creating multiple fixation points, the tissue will stay in place, and over time, will not lead to early tissue laxity; and that is why Dr. Sadatis technique offers several advantages over other face lift techniques.

This very natural mini lift creates a uniform, easy tension on the facial muscles without creating a pulled or unnatural looking mouth, or having any tissue bunch at the hairline.  This procedure not only lifts the jowls, but gives the patient a beautiful neck lift.  This lower lift improves any kind of neck; from a neck with minimal laxity; to the heaviest and most difficult neck or turkey neck.

Dr. Sadati will be presenting data to the assembly, showing that out of 1,532 patients who had his revolutionary Double C-Lift Plication, the post-surgical complication rate was extremely low, with no facial nerve injuries.  After following his patients recovery from one year to a maximum of three years, the revision rate with his new Double C-Lift was less than 1%.  The low revision rate is a great indicator of his techniques success.  He states that the most important result is the extremely high patient satisfaction rate.



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