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Breast Augmentation and Body Type

Breast Augmentation and Body TypeDoctors generally consider the size and frame of a women considering breast augmentation. Choosing the breast implant that correctly fits the body type will produce a pleasing, more beautiful body image, while choosing the wrong type can have just the opposite effect. It is important to discuss breast augmentation fully with a professional cosmetic surgeon before deciding what is right for you.

Women who are quite thin and have small frames are excellent candidates for breast augmentation. The cosmetic surgeon could likely choose a silicone breast implant. These are ideal for thin women who have little or no chest tissue. The silicone implant provides the shapely look.

Placement of the implant is also a serious consideration. Many surgeons prefer to place the implant underneath the chest muscle.

It helps the implant look natural, and in thin women, it helps provide fullness, giving the implant a more rounded appearance.

The incision placement will be the third consideration. Most silicone implants come pre-filled, so the incision should be placed to accommodate the implants. A surgeon chooses either the Inframammary incision, which is under the breast, or the areolar approach, which is around the nipple.

A full framed and normal size woman must make the same decisions, but the options include silicone or saline implants. Saline implants differ from silicone implants because they are filled with water instead of silicone, and might feel a little more natural since they are filled with water. This type of woman is a good candidate for either type, and it is usually a personal choice.

A fuller-framed woman is also free to choose whether she prefers under or over the muscle placement since she normally has a good amount of chest muscle to cover the implant. Also, the areolar or inframammary type incision is left up to for her. There are advantages and disadvantages to both the placement and type of incision the patient chooses. A surgeon can fully explain the procedures and choices.

Many patients prefer saline implants to silicone because of concerns that may be associated with silicone implants. However, both types of implants are respected and offer different esthetic outcomes. Cosmetic surgery is a personal decision and the choices and procedures you choose depends greatly on the desired outcome, appearance and personal goals you have for yourself. A professional cosmetic surgeon will fully discuss all the options available so you can make the best possible decision.



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