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What is the Recovery from a Rhinoplasty like?

Recovery after a Rhinoplasty involves some patience to fully recover from the procedure.  After the Nose Job surgery, several rhinoplasty post operative instructions will be given to you. As you return home after the procedure, as part of the rhinoplasty recovery, the rhinoplasty surgeon will recommend antibiotics, pain and steroid medications. It is also prudent to stay away from heavy lifting or activity for a week, although it is safe to continue light daily activities.

Patients are advised to remain in bed with the head elevated for the first 24 hours. Slight dull pain and discomfort in the nasal area and a dull headache is expected right after rhinoplasty surgery. All these discomforts can be managed by pain medications prescribed by the rhinoplasty surgeon.

After the rhinoplasty procedure there are moderate amount of swelling and bruising, that can be managed and be reduced with application of cold compresses and taking Arnica Montana. You may have a few drops of blood for the first few days after rhinoplasty, this is completely normal.

During your first week of rhinoplasty recovery you are advised not to blow your nose. Other post rhinoplasty instructions that are important to follow is not to bend over with the head below the heart or lift anything heavier than 10 pounds which might lead to increase chance of swelling and bleeding. Usual swelling and bruising associated with rhinoplasty will subside after 10 days. Very small amount of normal swelling remains that it takes about a three months to disappear after a nose job.

There is a splint placed over the nose to protect your nose. This will be removed a week after rhinoplasty.  There are two external sutures that are dissolvable and need not to be removed. If there are internal splint after septoplasty, these are usually taken away four days after the operation. The bruising around the eyes usually subsides by tenth day.

Patients with light duty activity like office work can return to work about one week after rhinoplasty, if this post operative instructions are not followed, rhinoplasty recovery may become prolonged. Light sport and exercise activities like running are recommended three weeks after your rhinoplasty. The patient should stay away from any contact sport that might injure the nose for about eight weeks, like boxing. Airline travel can be arranged a few weeks after rhinoplasty, as many of Dr. Sadatis patient travel from other states to have their surgery performed by him.

Contact lenses can be worn without restrictions. However, those patients who wear eyeglasses must tape them to their forehead to avoid dentations on the nose after rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex procedures of facial plastic surgery, and to attain the best rhinoplasty outcomes, you should be meticulous and patient enough to follow up all the given instructions. For a good and healthy rhinoplasty recovery all post operative rhinoplasty instructions should be carefully followed.

With modern rhinoplasty techniques utilized by Dr. Sadati, no packing is required inside the nose. There may be some bruising and swelling around the eyes which will typically improve about a week. One week is usually sufficient time to return to work and continue your social activities.



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