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What is Baby Botox and why are more young women than ever having it done?

Baby Botox

More and more women in their 20s and 30s are choosing to enhance their natural beauty with non-surgical procedures. One of the newest neurotoxin facial enhancement procedures available in California is referred to as Baby Botox. This is a particularly delicate approach to botulinum toxin injections (Botox) and is designed to focus on providing patients with an au naturel, subtle result. One of the main benefits of a Baby Botox treatment is that it can diminish and/or prevent the signs of aging without limiting the patients ability to perform natural-looking facial movements.


How Neurotoxins Work

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures include targeted injections of muscle relaxers (neurotoxins). These neurotoxins are used to relax the muscles that create the wrinkles in the first place. Once relaxed, the skin smooths; thus, eliminating the wrinkle. The effect achieved with the neurotoxin lasts from three to six months. Once the effect of the neurotoxin wears off, the patient can return for additional treatments.

Baby Botox: The Newest Trend in Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

The idea behind Baby Botox is that with smaller doses of Botox (or Dysport), patients will receive some of the typical preventative, anti-aging and skin-smoothing benefits of the product; however, since the dose of the neurotoxin used is reduced, the frozen look is avoided altogether because facial movement and expression remain. Whereas, a traditional Botox treatment may involve using 25 units in a given area, a Baby Botox treatment performed in the same area may only require 10 units.

Baby Botox: As a Preventative Treatment

For the most part, when Millennial’s decide to have Baby Botox treatments, they are choosing to use them as a preventative measure, as opposed to an overly corrective one.

Many Patients Just Want Their Outsides to Reflect How They Feel Inside

For many of Dr. Sadatis patients who choose to have Baby Botox treatments, their goals are not necessarily to turn the hands of time back and look as young as possible; instead, they want their outside to reflect how they feel on the inside. For example, diminishing forehead lines can make an individual appear happier and a subtle volume increase in the lips can help an individual look more youthful.

Baby Botox for Subtle Changes and/or Fine Lines

While a Baby Botox procedure can be performed on any area of the face, it is ideal for erasing fine lines and/or creating subtle changes. For example, the fine lines that form on the outside of the eyes (i.e., crows feet) and forehead lines are frequently treated with Baby Botox injections. Individuals who have very deep folds are not good candidates for Baby Botox treatments: They would receive better results with a traditional Botox procedure.

Baby Botox Treatments are Not a One-Size-Fits-All Procedure

Due to concerns related to looking frozen following treatment with a neurotoxin, some patients avoid this type of treatment altogether; however, it is the technique the injector uses that determines whether this side effect occurs, not the neurotoxins themselves. Each face is unique, therefore, choosing an experienced expert injector is essential. Dr. Kevin Sadatis experience allows him to provide his patients with natural-looking results, making it difficult for others to detect that the patient had a cosmetic procedure.

Traditional Botox vs Baby Botox:

  • The Botox solution used for a Baby Botox treatment is the same strength as that used in the traditional procedure; however, smaller amounts are administered.
  • In reference to placement, Baby Botox treatments are placed in the same locations as the traditional Botox treatments are with the only difference being the amount of product that is used.
  • By using less product than that used during a traditional Botox treatment, the patient enjoys more facial movement; thus, providing a subtle, natural-looking result.
  • Initially, the patient will be returning more frequently for Baby Botox treatments than the traditional neurotoxin treatments require. For example, following their first Baby Botox treatment, patients return after two months for their second treatment. However, as the Baby Botox treatments are repeated, the results begin lasting longer.
  • Typically, Baby Botox treatments are scheduled every three to six months: The length of time between treatments will depend on patient results. Traditional Botox treatments are usually scheduled every four to six months. However, some patients choose to have Baby Botox treatments every couple of months as a means to maintain the results achieved with their traditional Botox treatment.

Injection Technique Matters

When administering any neurotoxin, technique is key: For this reason, choosing an expert injector is vital to attaining the best results possible. Dr. Kevin Sadatis experience allows him to provide patients with the natural, tailored Baby Botox look they desire. This is the procedure he uses to determine how a patients face is aging: Just prior to injection, Dr. Sadati will ask the patient to perform several facial expressions, he will carefully analyze these movements and then use his skill to redirect them.

Baby Botox to Maintain a Traditional Botox Treatment Results

Some patients use Baby Botox treatments to maintain their traditional Botox treatment results: By having smaller doses administered before the results completely wear off (three to six-month intervals), the original look is continuously maintained.

Baby Botox: Blood Plasma and Botox, Combined

When Botox is used in conjunction with a blood plasma treatment, the patient receives the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties necessary to improve the skin on the face: In addition, the blood plasma and Botox can be used to correct acne, and address facial scarring.

A Combination Baby Botox and Traditional Botox Treatment

Dr. Sadatis goal is to restore balance and harmony to the face so that the patient can look his or her best. As personalization is the key to optimal results, some patients may find it beneficial to have small doses of neurotoxin in some areas and larger doses in others. Due to his extensive experience with Botox and Dysport, Dr. Kevin Sadati can tell if a lower dose of neurotoxin will not remove all the lines in a specific area; therefore, a full dose of Botox or Dysport may be required for that area of the face.

Sometimes, new patients request that Dr. Sadati initially administer a lower dose of the neurotoxin in the areas where a higher dose would be recommended, Dr. Kevin Sadati is always happy to oblige: If this lower dose does not provide the patient with the desired results, he or she can always return a couple of weeks later for a follow-up treatment.

The Cost of Baby Botox

Since less product is used, the cost-per-visit for a Baby Botox treatment is less than that of a traditional neurotoxin treatment; however, since each patient is unique, the only way to find out the actual cost is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Sadati. At this appointment, he can determine how many units of Botox or Dysport the patient needs to attain the desired results.

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