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What are Sinus Procedures?

An Orange County patient might require sinus surgery for one of many reasons. In some cases, a patient might have defective sinuses and sinus procedures are the best way to improve their symptoms. In other situations, a person might be suffering from chronic sinusitis and need to take more drastic measures in order to get healthy again.

Patients in the Newport Beach area will find that working with an expert facial plastic surgeon will guarantee that they get the results they both need and want from their sinus surgery. The best surgeons will know which techniques will provide individual patients with superior results.

What Sinus Procedures are Available?

Endoscopic surgery can also eliminate inflamed tissue around the sinuses that may be causing chronic sinusitis. This is the traditional treatment option for major sinus problems, and it has a high rate of success.

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and the operation itself may last for several hours. Patients will find that they have to spend several days recovering from sinus surgery, but ultimately they will find relief from the complications associated with chronic sinusitis and sinus defects.

Sinus surgery patients should use nasal irrigation tools and techniques on a regular basis, for this promotes proper nasal drainage and helps to prevent the sinuses from becoming inflamed. This also helps to reduce the risk of infection after the sinus surgery has been performed.

Not everyone is a qualified candidate for sinus surgery, so patients should address their questions and concerns with a qualified cosmetic surgeon prior to deciding whether sinus surgery is the right choice for them.

The balloon sinuplasty is an in-office procedure that can be performed by an expert facial plastic surgeon. This procedure is performed utilizing local anesthesia, and only takes about half an hour to perform. The patient can return home that day, and there is minimal downtime associated with this unique procedure.

The results are immediate. During this procedure, the surgeon will insert a balloon catheter into the nose and direct it toward the sinus cavity. Once it is in place, the balloon is inflated, thus eliminating the blockage near the sinuses. Patients have found that this procedure is highly effective.

People who are suffering from several sinus infections in a short period of time or who have always had a difficult time managing their sinus troubles should seek the help of a qualified facial plastic surgeon today.

The best surgeons will have expertise in the ear, nose, and throat regions, and will have an understanding of all the sinus procedure options that are available today. Whether a patient is interested in a surgical procedure or a non-invasive technique, they will likely find that there is a solution available that is just right for them.



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