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Profound Non Surgical Skin Tightening | Profound RF Testimonial

Video Transcript

my name is Robert Gannon and I’m 45 years old I had contacted dr. Sadati’s office a few months ago I was inquiring about having a neck liposuction originally and it had that procedure performed I believe in September a few months after that I follow that up with the profound skin tightening procedure and it’s been an approximately three months since the procedure sure over the years despite you know being very active and exercising and eating healthy I just noticed that I had a pocket of fat under my chin that was just really preventing you know definition of the jawline and no mouth no amount of exercise that I did was seem to correct that so I after reading several reviews online from dr. sadati I could tell that he was extremely qualified and the patients that he has seen that he has done the same procedure for seemed extremely satisfied after having the neck liposuction performed by dr. sadati a few months later we scheduled the profound procedure really was just trying to prevent any south any sagging in the jowls and just further tighten to the jaw line that I was looking for and I had an initial consultation with dr. sadati and Elizabeth and they were tremendous they gave me a step-by-step perspective of what I can expect during the procedure the level of pain the downtime afterwards I would say the procedure was classified as mild discomfort there were moments of mild pain but for the most part I would to say it was only discomfort the entire procedure lasted approximately an hour and Elizabeth was very putting my mind at ease and you could tell I was in good hands with Phyllis than dr. sadati I would say my approximate downtime was about seven to nine days I worked mostly from home but I definitely could go out in public and and I thought I looked fine the swelling went down in about one week and I would say I look virtually normal eight to nine days after the surgery and things continue to improve with profound the improvements are gradual and so now here I’m about three months after the procedure and I can notice improved tightening around the gels improved jawline and those were the things that I was looking for out of the surgery so my family even after I’ve had these procedures the neck liposuction in the profound they I’ve never told them and they actually haven’t ever been able to say you know I could tell that you had something done the only comments that I’ve received have been you look great have you lost weight and that’s exactly what I was hoping for I was looking for a very natural look all along and that’s really the what doctor said he was able to deliver so I’m extremely pleased my satisfaction is completely met I couldn’t be happier

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