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Facelift Testimonial – 70 Years Old

Video Transcript

hi my name is Ronnie and I had the natural lift with dr. sadati five weeks ago there was very little bruising and very little swelling I was out and about in one week and very few people may even notice except the ones that I had told I am more than satisfied with the Beautiful’s procedure that dr. sadati and his staff did for me I am 69 years old I will I don’t look at do i I don’t feel it and I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated every step of the way his staff and his the the environment and his kindness and compassion it’s just beyond all of them when I walked into this office I felt at peace and not afraid each one of the staff members treated me as though I was their friend dr. Sadat ease kindness compassion and his expertise of how he handled me was beyond my confidence has been raised I feel happier people don’t noticing anything they say oh you look so good you look so happy it has been interesting to watch the reactions my own sister my very best friend nobody’s noticed I’ve tried not to tell very many people and it’s been a fun adventure and a journey to see the reaction there are very few doctors that take the time to really care and you don’t feel like you’re in a clinical place or with the doctor per se you feel like you’ve come home to a friend I’m very emotional about this because I still don’t to say to whoever wants to do this process you have come to the right place it’s wonderful I recommend him genuinely everyday and I’m not I’m not afraid to say I’ve had this service in this procedure done because I’m proud of it and I’m proud of them thank you

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