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Facelift Patient Testimonial | Jane

Video Transcript

I wanted to start with the fact that the day I came in and I made my appointment with Tanya for my surgery was pivotal for me I’m a teacher by trade but my love my passion is to sing opera and I basically stopped singing for almost two years I stopped socializing and I noticed the pattern that I was starting to retreat into my personal life and I thought okay this this isn’t the way I want to live the rest of my life so a little bit of soul-searching and I began to realize that what I was that constantly doing was apologizing for my age and I thought oh this this isn’t gonna be so I checked with a couple of doctors had gone on a couple of consultations so I made an appointment with Tanya and that day was pivotal because what it did was it freed me and to this very moment my age is not an issue I don’t think about it anymore I’m more interested in in enjoying my life I’ve gotten closer to my faith again and I’ve started joining single groups through my church I’m starting to meet people again I’m happier thankful for dr. sadati himself with his genius and his artistry and just his ability to stay in tuned whenever I called him in the healing process he was right there and you can’t ask for more than that I’m just thankful for my experience here

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