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Understanding the Facelift Procedure

The facelift, known in the medical community as the rhytidectomy, is the popular cosmetic surgery procedure that is designed to eliminate the symptoms of aging from the face. As an expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati uses innovative techniques as well as technologically-advanced instruments in order to provide Orange County patients with superior results after their facelift procedure. During the operation, excess skin is eliminated, and the facial muscles are tightened in order to allow the patient to look up to 10 years younger. There is a variety of factors that contribute to the aging process and might require a person to have a facelift surgery, including age, genetics, lifestyle choices and the environment.

Understanding the Facelift Procedure

The incision will be located near the temple in the hairline and in front of the patient’s ear. Using this incision, Dr. Sadati can complete the operation as he lifts the skin gently from the patient’s face. Dr. Sadati places special emphasis on male patients in order to ensure that the incision aligns naturally with their facial hair line. Regardless of whether a patient is male or female, he will work to ensure that all incisions fall in natural creases and folds in the facial skin in order to minimize the appearance of scars.

The incisions on the face are closed with sutures or metal clips. Utilizing this technique, Dr. Sadati can avoid shaving any of the patient’s hair at the hairline. He also achieves more precise results. A bandage is applied to the face, which protects the incision and helps to minimize any bruising and swelling. The bandage can be removed in a few days.

During the operation itself, Dr. Sadati will remove fat from the facial tissue and trim excess skin from the face. In addition to removing the excess fat and skin, Dr. Sadati also will reposition the facial muscles and tighten them accordingly. This provides the patient with truly phenomenal results, and allows those results to last for at least a decade or more.

The surgery takes anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete. The actual length of surgery will depend on the patient’s specific factors and the complexity of the individual operation. The operation will be performed using local anesthesia, twilight anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending both of the preference of the patient and the surgeon.

Dr. Sadati does what is necessary in order to provide each patient with stellar, natural-looking results after their operation. He is able to accomplish this by taking the time during the consultation process to get to know each patient on a personal basis. He has earned a reputation throughout Newport Beach for being the cosmetic surgeon who can be trusted to provide people with the results they both want and need. Dr. Sadati can confirm your candidacy for this procedure during a free cosmetic consultation. Interested patients are invited to set one up today. It’s the first step toward setting back the clock and looking as young as you feel on the inside.



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