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The Truth about Herbal Supplements

Herbal products and dietary supplements are more popular than ever as people search for ways to live healthy without resorting to pharmaceuticals for energy or immune system response. However, there are dangers if taking these types of herbal supplements. Many cosmetic surgery patients are not aware that some of these supplements put them at increased risk for serious bleeding complications during and after their procedure.

A new study released by doctors at Loma-Linda Hospital show that nineteen herbs, several herbal formulas, and several other supplements can cause bleeding both before and after plastic surgery.

These types of incidences of bleeding can result in serious side effects such as hematoma. Some of the herbs and supplements in the study that showed a potential for dangerous bleeding included popular over the counter supplements such as ginkgo, ginseng, oil of wintergreen, and saw palmetto.

It is imperative that patients contemplating any cosmetic procedure be aware of the so-called natural products that may have dangerous bleeding effects. During the initial consultation, patients should be prepared to discuss whether they have taken or are currently consuming any vitamins, herbs or supplements. Because most prospective cosmetic surgery patients do not readily disclose the use of herbs or supplements, they should be made aware of the risk of complications.

Slick marketing campaigns and the stigma associated with many prescription pharmaceuticals may be the reason people are flocking to herbal supplements to help with everything from flagging energy levels to immune system response to memory aids. While the data on the efficacy of these supplements is scarce, the data is also inconclusive about other, latent affects they may have. However, this study sheds new light on the risks associated with consuming these types of supplements. Expert surgeons in Orange County have been conducting thorough consultations and take exhaustive medical histories on their patients to include the consumption of herbal supplements. In the final analysis, patients should be made aware of these potential side-effects to allow for full medical disclosure.



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