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The Mini Facelift Procedure: Tips and Advice

The mini face lift is an alternative face lift procedure that focuses on the lower portion of the face. Orange County patients who are just beginning to show the first pesky signs of aging may find the mini face lift to be the ideal procedure for them. During this operation, the cosmetic surgeon will remove excess skin from the lower portion of the face and tighten the muscles in order to provide the patient with stunning results. It is less invasive than the traditional face lift, and the recovery is much easier. Newport Beach patients who are interested in this surgery should consider working with an expert facial plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Kevin Sadati.

What are the Best Tips and Advice Regarding the Mini Facelift?

Discuss the specifics of the operation with the surgeon. This will help you understand the procedure as well as provide you with an accurate portrayal of the results that you will receive. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia with twilight sedation without the need for the general anesthesia. The surgeon will focus on removing excess skin from the lower portion of the face.

Understand what procedures can be combined with the mini facelift in order to provide you with superior results. In most cases, Dr. Kevin Sadati recommends combining this procedure with the blepharoplasty or a laser skin resurfacing procedure in order to enhance the final results.

Know that the recovery is relatively mild. In most cases, patients have this procedure performed at the end of the week and spend their weekend recovering. They are generally able to return to work by the next week, but the recovery time can vary for each individual patient.

Decide on this procedure if you are looking for a more affordable option than the traditional facelift. The final cost will be determined by several different factors, including the extent of the procedure, the surgeon who is performing the operation and the facility that is used. Your surgeon will go over the cost with you at the initial cosmetic consultation appointment.

Only the most qualified candidates should have a mini facelift performed by Dr. Kevin Sadati. This surgery is ideal for patients who are beginning to show signs of aging, but who are not in the advanced stages of aging. The goal of this cosmetic surgery procedure is to eliminate the signs of aging from the lower portion of the face, and provide patients with the gentle facial rejuvenation that they need. In order to find out if this is the right choice for you and your appearance, set up a cosmetic consultation appointment with Dr. Kevin Sadati today.



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