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Specific Risks Associated with Ethnic Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic procedures, particularly nose jobs, are becoming more and more prevalent among patients in the non-white community. In fact, plastic surgeries among ethnic communities have increased more than two hundred percent in the last ten years.

Like any patient considering cosmetic surgery, those from an ethnic background are seeking to reshape their nose, refine the eyes, tone up through liposuction, or make any other changes designed to improve their beauty and symmetry.

It is important to note that most patients, including those of color, do not want to fundamentally change their identities. They do not want to change who they are by drastic changes to their features. Like anyone, ethnic cosmetic surgery candidates mainly want to correct a few flaws to improve their appearance. However, the skin pigmentation of non-whites presents certain risks after surgery.

As the saying goes, color is only skin deep. While this is true, the skin composition of non-whites differs from other skin types. For example, persons of African or Asian descent are susceptible to thicker, more pronounced Keloid or Hypertrophic scarring. Keloid scarring features raised nodules and the incision site whereas Hypertrophic scars a smaller. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, ethnic patients are less likely to experience these types of scarring if there is no family history, or if the patient has had them before.

Occurrences also tend to decline as a person ages. Pigmentation irregularities may also present in some ethnic patients. Lightening or darkening of the skin as well as blotches may appear, particularly with certain cosmetic procedures including facial skin abrasion techniques or laser procedures. In order to mitigate risks associated with different skin types, choosing a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in dealing with different skin types.

Cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more popular in non-white communities. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that Hispanics lead all ethnic groups in 2010 with 11% of total procedures performed nationwide. African-American were second with 8% and Asians comprised 6% of cosmetic surgeries in the same year.



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