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Say Goodbye to that Turkey Neck!

Everyone has seen a turkey wattle on someone and they can be a real problem for both men and women. Fortunately, and especially in Orange County there are a wide range of techniques available to smooth out the appearance of the neck. They include everything from a minimal office treatment with no down time to fully invasive procedures requiring anesthesia. Turkey neck is usually caused by a combination of loose skin and muscle as well as excess fat and can be corrected by a plastic surgery procedure called a neck lift.


The Procedure: What is it?

The procedure to correct this flabby facial condition usually lasts two to three hours and longer if you are having a neck lift in concert with other procedures such as liposuction, facelift, forehead lift. All patients are unique and procedures will vary depending on the initial consultation and expected results. Either way, before you undergo a neck lift you must be in good physical and mental health.

The Process

To begin the lift, your surgeon will make a small incision under the chin to allow access to the neck muscle and any fat deposits. Once the excess fat has been removed by liposuction or excision, the muscles can then be tightened. Your surgeon may opt for the removal of any excess skin that has lost elasticity. Once the underlying muscles have been tightened, the skin is then re-draped over the neck while the incisions are closed with sutures. Sometimes, sutures will need to be removed or if they may dissolve on their own.

The Recovery

To expedite recovery and proper healing, a drain may be placed under the skin to collect excess fluid. Excessive fluid buildup would only increase post operative swelling and discomfort. In addition to the drain, you may fitted with a compression bandage in order to help reduce post-operative swelling. This bandage is usually worn for at least a week. Its important to follow your specific recovery instructions to ensure proper healing.

Once the procedure is completed and the bandages are removed, your wattle will be gone and you will look and feel years younger.



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