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Rising Interest in Fat Grafted Breast Augmentation Procedure

For years, fat grafting has been a popular procedure when it comes to rejuvenating a patient’s face.

Now, patients across Orange County are finding that this same natural technique can be used in the breast augmentation procedure.

The fat graft breast augmentation procedure is rising in popularity. Traditionally, breast implants are created from silicone or other synthetic materials and may have a limited lifespan associated with them. Utilizing the fat grafting technique, Newport Beach patients can enjoy the most natural-looking results after their cosmetic surgery procedure.


What is the Fat Grafting Technique?

The fat grafting technique is a unique cosmetic surgery procedure in which the patient donates fat from another part of their body where it is unwanted to a different portion of the body. In this case, the excess fat from the buttocks, abdomen, or thighs would be grafted into the breasts as an implant. This is a natural alternative to synthetic implants.

In the facelift procedure, fat grafting has proven to be a successful way to provide natural-looking and long-lasting results. Given the fact that the fat is natural and comes from the patient’s own body, it is less likely to be rejected by the body and can last for many years to come.

What Should Be Considered When Deciding Between Fat Grafting or Traditional Implants?

Despite the fact that fat grafting is a natural alternative, patients should recognize that silicone implants in the breast have long been considered safe and effective in the cosmetic surgery industry. There have been many studies on silicone implants and their impact on women’s lives, and safety is generally not a concern.

One thing patients should be aware of about the fat grafting procedure is that the long-term impact of its effects on cancer screening is not yet known, so it may be something to consider when deciding on which approach is best.

Which Approach is Right for Me?

Ultimately, the cosmetic surgeon that you are working with will decide whether fat grafting or traditional silicone implants are the best choices for you. Many factors need to be considered such as the anatomy of your breasts, your personal health history and what you want to achieve with this ever-popular cosmetic surgery procedure.

The breast augmentation and breast lift procedures have long been popular choices among female patients, especially older patients who have lost volume in their breasts over the course of time. Between aging, gravity and child-bearing as well as nursing children, the breasts will often begin to sag and lose their volume as a woman gets older. This can cause a woman to feel less confident in her appearance, at a time when she should be proud of the way she looks and all that she has accomplished in life. Patients who are interested in their options for the breast augmentation procedure should get in touch with a qualified cosmetic surgeon who has experience with these procedures.



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