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Rise in Male Plastic Surgery

Rise in Male Plastic SurgeryJust as, traditional gender roles have gone out the window in the last decade or two, the idea that plastic surgery procedures are just for women has been changed too. Every year, more Orange County men contact Dr. Kevin Sadati with a desire to have a cosmetic surgery done. They have discovered the many benefits of cosmetic improvement procedures, including the fact that most people get a boost of self confidence after the operation is complete. There are three main procedures that men discuss with Dr. Sadati at his Newport Beach facility.

3 Popular Male Plastic Surgery Procedures



The male facelift is one of the most popular male plastic surgery procedures available. Most men who are interested in plastic surgery will first consider a facelift. This is largely because the facelift is a procedure designed to, truly, fight the symptoms of aging. Many men want to look as young as they feel. Dr. Sadati recognizes that men have special considerations when it comes to this procedure, and he is careful to make sure that all hairlines and facial hair lines remain intact. He recognizes that men want to look better without looking soft and effeminate and has a knack for men looking distinguished yet young again.


Many men also find that the rhinoplasty is a desirable cosmetic surgery for them. Since the nose is the focal point of the face, it comes as no surprise that many people want to improve their nose in order to improve their entire look. A man looking for a rhinoplasty procedure will likely want to improve the appearance of his nose without losing it as a strong and defining masculine feature. Dr. Sadati has the necessary skills to make this happen for his male patients, and he truly takes the time to get to know his patients on a personal level in order to get them the rhinoplasty results they want and need.


Liposuction is the quick and easy procedure that removes unwanted fat on the body. Men have found that liposuction is very beneficial because it allows them to look trim and in turn, younger. Liposuction can produce results that make a person look rejuvenated and revitalized once again, which can be very important for a man in the work force. Popular liposuction areas for men include abdominal area, arms and neck.

Male plastic surgery has been on the rise for the past decade of Dr. Sadati’s career. He has found that the stigma attached to these procedures has changed, and men recognize that these surgeries are not only an option for women. Men have found that by improving their appearance through cosmetic surgery, they look better and feel better about themselves.

Dr. Sadati recognizes that male patients require special consideration as men have different goals for cosmetic surgery. As a highly-skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sadati knows how to give men the results they are looking for out of these surgical procedures. For more information, set up a free consultation appointment today.



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