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Rhinoplasty Timeline

When you go in to have a rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Kevin Sadati, you undoubtedly want to see the results from the surgery as quickly as possible. It is important that Orange County patients realize that patience is an important virtue when it comes to this particular cosmetic procedure. Results are not always immediately seen, but most patients whom frequent Dr. Sadati’s Newport Beach practice find that the wait is well worth it in the end when they see that they finally have the nose that they were meant to have.

Immediately After the Operation

Immediately after the operation is complete, most patients will find that there is significant swelling and bruising on their face. The patient will have a nasal splint placed over their nose in order to protect it from injury. There is some minor recovery pain associated with this procedure, but Dr. Sadati provides every patient with both pre- and post-operative instructions in order to help them have the most comfortable recovery possible. It is very important that patients rest properly in the hours immediately following the surgery.

4-7 Days After Surgery

Within the first week or so, much of swelling and bruising will subside on the face. Most patients find that they are able to return to work and any other normal daily obligations within a week of having a rhinoplasty performed. While the patient might be able to face the public world again, they still will not be seeing the absolute final results of their cosmetic surgery.

6-12 Months After Surgery

It takes between 6 and 12 months for patients to see the true final results of their surgical procedures. During this time, almost all of the remaining swelling will subside, and patients will start to see more refined results on their face. Patients can keep this timeline closer to 6 months by following the surgeon’s post-operative orders and getting the rest that they need during this time. Some tips that patients can use to reduce the recovery time include avoiding contact sports, avoiding illness and infection after the procedure, and taking the necessary time to, truly, rest. The body has been through a lot after surgery and every patient needs to take things a little bit slower for the time being.

It can be frustrating to some patients that they will not leave the operating and see their brand-new nose in the mirror immediately. However, Dr. Sadati feels it is important to prepare patients for the realities of the rhinoplasty recovery process before the procedure is performed. When patients are prepared for the long road ahead, they feel better about the amount of time it can take before they see final results. While it can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year to see the final results, patients will be relieved as most of swelling and bruising does subside in the first few days after the surgical procedure. Your friends and family will still be impressed with your new nose, but they will be even more blown away 1 year later.



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