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Non Surgical Breast Augmemtation

The breast augmentation procedure is designed to enhance and enlarge the appearance of a woman’s breasts. Some women have never felt satisfied with the size or shape of their breasts while other women want to restore their youthful appearance after having children and nursing their infants. However, not every Orange County woman wants to have a surgical procedure performed in order to improve the appearance of their breasts. Newport Beach patients should understand that there are some non surgical breast augmentation procedures available that are a viable alternative to the traditional cosmetic surgery procedure.

What Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Options Are Available?

One of the most common non surgical breast augmentation techniques involves the use of injectable fillers. Injectable fillers created from hyaluronic acids or polyacrylamide gel are typically used in this type of non surgical breast augmentation. The injectable fillers can be utilized by a cosmetic surgeon during an in-office procedure. Localized anesthesia is used, which makes it a safer alternative to the cosmetic surgery procedure. Results are instantaneous, and patients love the fact that there is no downtime after this procedure. It is the best choice for patients who want minor improvements made to their breasts. Results will last for about 6-9 months.

In other cases, the cosmetic surgeon will prescribe breast-enhancing supplements that are supposed to increase the size of the breasts naturally. While doctors will note that these types of supplements are effective in achieving the desired results, there are side effects associated with these supplements that patients should be aware of. Common side effects include breast tenderness, weight gain and imbalance of the hormones. In addition to oral supplements, there are breast-enhancing topical creams that are available. When the cream is applied to the breasts, the hormones in the cream are absorbed by the skin and work to enlarge the breasts.

Patients should understand that while there are non surgical breast augmentation procedures available, they may not produce the same long-lasting results as the cosmetic surgery procedure. Many of these non surgical options will produce the desired effect, but the results may only last for a few months. Women who want to enjoy larger, fuller and perkier breasts for years to come may want to consider opting for a breast augmentation surgical procedure. When performed by an expert cosmetic surgeon, this procedure is not only safe but it also is effective.

Regardless of whether a woman is interested in a non surgical breast augmentation or a breast augmentation surgery, she should make an effort to find an experienced, qualified cosmetic surgeon who is willing to work with her on an individual basis to meet her needs. The first step to improving your body shape as well as your self confidence is to set up a free cosmetic consultation with a surgeon that you trust. This will ensure that you get the results that you want from your breast augmentation procedure, and also help minimize the complications and risks associated with these procedures.



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