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Kybella at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery

Kybella: How It Works

Kybella, a deoxycholic acid injection, is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment for improving the appearance of the double chin. As one of todays hottest options for removing double chins available on the market, it is important to know how Kybella works.

Before treatment begins, each patient is assessed and treatment goals are set. Kybella is then administered by injections into the fat under the chin in relation to these treatment goals. The average Kybella patient needs 3 to 4 treatments to obtain optimal results however, Kybella can be used up to six treatments. Each treatment typically lasting 15-20 minutes is scheduled at least one month apart.

It is important to note that Kybella should only be administered by a trained healthcare professional, like Dr. Kevin Sadati or RN Suzanne Rogers at the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery in Orange County.

Kybella at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Kevin Sadati at the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is known for offering the latest and best products on the market. Clinical trials of Kybella on 1,022 patients found that those given the drug had their double chin fat volume decrease more than those who received the placebo. Kybella, considered the best option for minimizing double chins, is available at the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery.

It is important to note that Kybella can cause side effects including bruising, trouble swallowing, uneven smile, and facial muscle weakness. However, these are rare and usually disappear in a short time frame.

Through surgical and non-surgical techniques, Dr. Sadati can help you tackle any issues that you have with your neck and chin area. Dr. Sadati holds the belief that each patient deserves the procedure that will best work for him or her. As a result of this belief, Dr. Sadati offers the widest range of options with the best results.

About Dr. Sadati

With over a decade of experience and pioneering new and better procedures, Dr. Sadati is well-respected among his peers. He has conducted research and written several papers, including The Double “C” Plication Technique: A Reliable Technique for Lower Facial Rejuvenation, which was published in The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. His expertise in creating natural looking results is credited to his extensive experience, surgical finesse, and natural artistic talent. If you are interested in improving your appearance and achieving a more youthful look, Dr. Sadati and his team at the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery can help.



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