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Knowing the Risks and Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgery

Orange County patients who are considering a cosmetic surgery procedure may be concerned about the safety of these operations. However, generally speaking, cosmetic surgery is not only effective but it also is safe for patients.

An expert facial plastic surgeon will complete a physical and mental examination on each patient prior to beginning a surgery, so they know if the patient is well enough to withstand the surgery. However, there are inherent risks and side effects associated with any type of surgery, including elective cosmetic surgery procedures. Newport Beach patients should be aware of the risks and side effects of cosmetic surgery prior to deciding which procedure is right for them.

What are the Risks and Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgery?

There is a risk of infection after any type of operation, including cosmetic surgery procedures. The risk of infection increases if the patient is in poor health prior to the operation, which is why the best cosmetic surgeons ensure that their patients are in good physical health before they operate on them.

Patients should be aware that they will have to endure a recovery process after their surgery. The length and severity of the recovery process will vary depending on the procedure that the patient chooses to have performed. A more significant surgery, such as a rhinoplasty, will have a longer recovery process than a less invasive operation, such as the blepharoplasty.

Patients may be disappointed in the results of their surgery, especially if they do not have realistic expectations beforehand. Some people believe that cosmetic surgery can change their entire appearance, when it is really designed to enhance their natural features. The best surgeons will explain to patients the limitations of cosmetic surgery in order to help them better understand what results they can expect after the fact.

There is a risk of scarring after cosmetic surgery procedures. An expert surgeon will utilize surgical techniques that hide scars and make them as invisible as possible.

Excessive bleeding is a risk associated with any type of surgery, including facial plastic surgery procedures. Patients should discuss their own personal risk factors associated with the operation in order to understand what to expect during the surgery.

While these risks and side effects are associated with any type of cosmetic surgery procedures, patients can minimize the risks by choosing an expert cosmetic surgeon. In order to find the best surgeon, patients should do their research prior to booking an appointment in the operating room.

They should view the Before and After Photo Galleries on the surgeon’s website, as well as read testimonials from previous patients. Interested patients may want to contact previous patients in order to speak with them directly about their experience, as this will help them develop the required level of trust that they need with their cosmetic surgeon. When a patient finds the surgeon who is right for them, they have a better chance of loving their cosmetic surgery results.



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