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Is Your Chin Dragging You Down?

Is Your Chin Dragging You DownOne area of the body that often relinquishes control to gravity is the jowls, chin and neck. When folks develop double and triple chins they generally look older than they are or than they feel. Fortunately, at Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery in Newport Beach, California plastic surgery patients can choose, with the help of their certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati to have a neck liposuction procedure performed to improve their jaw line.

Neck Liposuction


What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure that can be applied to almost any area of the body including regions below the jaw. The technique is frequently referred to as body contouring or body sculpting. Liposuction is a very popular procedure performed by cosmetic surgeons since it eliminates otherwise hard to eliminate deposits of unwanted excess fat.

How Does it Work?

This fat is hidden beneath the skin and is known as subcutaneous fat. Frequently it is found in the front of the neck and immediately below the jaw. Often these fat deposits cause a double-chin, often referred to in an unflattering way as Turkey Neck. By performing liposuction on the neck, a patients appearance can be significantly improved by removing a good deal of these fatty deposits.


A person who is selected to have a liposuction are in good physical shape and eat a sensible diet. The procedure is for patients who are unable to reduce localized fat buildup. Obese patients or overweight patients are not candidates for this procedure since it is done in order to remove fat deposits from selectively from patients. After a neck liposuction, the patients neck looks thinned out €“ neck liposuction gives the chin and jaw line a more sculpted appearance, removing years from a patients appearance.


In most circumstances, neck liposuction does not require stitches. Instead, the surgeon places discrete drains in the procedure area to allow the small wound to breathe and heal naturally. Without sutures healing time is faster and swelling is greatly reduced. Patients may have to wear a compression garment for no more than 3 days following the procedure. In many cases, neck liposuction patients also have a facelift at the same time.

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