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Is Cheek Augmentation Right For You?

There are certain facial features that greatly impact a person’s overall appearance. As the focal point of the face, the nose plays a role in a person’s facial harmony. The eyes will highlight a person’s emotions and how they are feeling at any given moment. The cheeks play a pivotal role in the appearance of a person’s age.Some people who have cheeks that are sullen and lifeless may want to have a cheek augmentation performed. This procedure requires an expert cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Kevin Sadati, to place implants in the cheek area. This rejuvenates the face and allows a person to look young, healthy and energetic again. Many Orange County patients opt to have a fat grafting cheek augmentation performed.

What is Involved in the Fat Grafting Cheek Augmentation?

During a fat grafting cheek augmentation, the cosmetic surgeon will remove excess fat from another unwanted area of the body and implant it into the cheek region. Patients enjoy the fact that unwanted fat can be removed from their buttocks, abdominal area or thighs, and transplanted into their cheeks where they need it.

Fat grafting is ideal because it uses a natural implant source from the patient’s own body, reducing the risk of complications and improving the overall results. For example, the body will not reject the implant because it is made from natural materials that are not foreign to the body. There are few allergic reactions to the fat grafting cheek augmentation procedure. Given the fact that a natural body material is used, the results always look completely natural, and they will last for many years to come.

Patients who choose a fat grafting cheek augmentation will enjoy full, lush cheeks that also look natural. Dr. Kevin Sadati wants patients to look as they did years before the operation. The aging process forces skin to lose its elasticity, and diminished fat deposits in the face can make a person look sullen, tired and older than they really are. The fat grafting cheek augmentation provides patients with a solution that will ensure they enjoy natural-looking results. No one will know that they had a cosmetic surgery procedure performed.

Patients in Newport Beach and the surrounding area who are interested in a cheek augmentation procedure should contact Dr. Kevin Sadati in order to set up a cosmetic consultation appointment. During this appointment, Dr. Kevin Sadati can evaluate your facial features and help you decide if the fat grafting cheek augmentation is the right procedure. Dr. Kevin Sadati is an expert facial plastic surgeon who specializes in providing his patients with personalized, natural-looking results. For more information about this procedure, contact his office today.



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