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Increasing Popularity of Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation

For years, people in Orange County have turned to the experts in the cosmetic surgery industry in order to rejuvenate their faces and look younger once again. Previously, the facelift procedure was the cosmetic improvement that everyone wanted, but in today’s world more and more people in Newport Beach are looking to nonsurgical procedures in order to get the results that they want.More than six million BOTOX injections were performed in 2012, compared to just 120,000 facelift procedures.

Why Are Nonsurgical Procedures Increasing in Popularity?

Nonsurgical procedures offer plenty of advantages to patients who are interested in improving their appearance and reducing the impact of aging on their face. To start, these procedures are quick and involve very little downtime. However, the main reason that these procedures continue to rise in popularity each year is the fact that they can be easily customized. Different techniques can be used to address specific issues with the face, ensuring that each patient gets the perfect results. While one patient might be interested in BOTOX for relaxing their muscles and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, another might prefer a dermal filler that is designed to minimize the appearance of scars and dark spots on the face.

What Nonsurgical Cosmetic Improvements Are Available?

The most popular nonsurgical cosmetic improvement procedure available is BOTOX. BOTOX is a cosmetic injection that is designed to paralyze specific muscles within the face in order to smooth out the face and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. While it is the most popular procedure, it’s certainly not the only option. Dermal fillers can be used in order to minimize the impact of deep lines and wrinkles on the face, and each filler has its own specific purpose and intention.

How Long Do Nonsurgical Results Last?

Nonsurgical procedures are ideal for patients who do not want to commit to the long-term results of cosmetic surgery. For some people, they simply want to look better for an upcoming event such as a class reunion, a job interview or a family gathering. Others prefer to alter their look as time goes on, and nonsurgical procedures are an easy way to accomplish that goal. Nonsurgical results are known to last for about 6-9 months. At that point, patients are welcome to return to the cosmetic surgeon’s office in order to have the procedure repeated in order to maintain their results.

Nonsurgical procedures are often the perfect compromise for patients who are looking to improve their appearance but don’t have the time to commit to a complete recovery. These procedures are quick, easy, and best of all, effective. While they are not surgical procedures, it’s important to work with an expert cosmetic surgeon for these facial rejuvenation procedures. Only a qualified facial plastic surgeon can provide patients with natural-looking results in a safe, clean facility. Patients who are interested in knowing more about the nonsurgical procedures available in Orange County are invited to set up a free cosmetic consultation appointment today.



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