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Important Facts about Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Orange County patients who are considering cosmetic surgery have likely heard a few rumors about these surgical procedures in the past. It is important to understand the facts about plastic surgery as well as the importance of working with a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

Newport Beach patients who want to improve their appearance and boost their self-esteem should research the procedures they are interested in and set up a consultation appointment with an expert surgeon who has plenty of experience.

What are Some of the Most Important Facts to Know About Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery?

  • Cosmetic surgery is defined as a surgical procedure that has the purpose of improving a person’s appearance. In most cases, cosmetic surgery procedures will not improve the functionality of a certain part of the body. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on nearly any part of the body, depending on the patient’s individual needs and wants.
  • Cosmetic surgery was first developed in the 19th century. It gained prominence after World War I when surgeons were able to help restore the appearance of soldiers who were disfigured during battle. After that, many celebrities and affluent members of society invested in cosmetic surgery in order to improve their own appearance. In today’s world, cosmetic surgery is for anyone and everyone who is interested in it.
  • Given the fact that cosmetic surgery is elective and not medically necessary, it is known for being an expensive option for many patients. Insurance carriers often do not cover cosmetic surgery. Patients should discuss their financial obligations with a surgeon and make sure they can afford the surgery prior to having any plastic surgery operation performed.
  • While many types of cosmetic surgeons can perform the same specific operations, each individual surgeon’s results will vary. It is important to research the surgeons in your area and decide on a professional who is board-certified and has plenty of experience. The best cosmetic surgeon will be able to take your personal desires as well as your personal traits into account when creating a cosmetic surgery plan for you.
  • Most cosmetic surgery procedures produce permanent results, but patients also must commit to lifestyle changes in order to maximize the results from the surgery. For instance, patients are advised to avoid smoking and drinking excessively after surgery. Sun protection should be a top priority of recovering cosmetic surgery patients. Most cosmetic surgeons will provide their patients with individual post-operative recovery instructions in order to help them realize the best results from their procedure.

Cosmetic surgery provides patients with a chance to improve their image and change a part of their body that has always been a source of discomfort for them.For some people, a facelift is the best answer to the aging process. For others, a rhinoplasty is exactly what they need in order to feel confident about themselves in their careers. Patients should work with the best cosmetic surgeon in order to determine which procedures are the right choice for them.



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