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How the Vertical Facelift is Revolutionizing Facial Rejuvenation

When considering options for facial rejuvenation, it is essential to compare the traditional facelift with the vertical facelift, which combines a deep plane facelift with a temporal brow lift to achieve a heart-shaped result. Numerous techniques and approaches have been described in the field of facelift surgery, ranging from large flap sculptured facelifts to endoscopic facelifts. However, there is no universal consensus on the “best” approach as each patient presents unique challenges and rejuvenation needs. The traditional facelift involves a SMAS tightening without releasing the deep ligaments and relies mostly on skin lift, targeting the lower face and neck area to address sagging skin and muscles.

In contrast, the vertical facelift incorporates a combination of deep plane facelift and temporal brow lift techniques to achieve a more comprehensive rejuvenation. Deep plane facelifts involve a sub-SMAS dissection, which allows for the release of retaining ligaments in the face and rejuvenation of the nasolabial fold resulting from the ptosis of the malar fat pads.


What is a Vertical Facelift?

Done under twilight sedation, a vertical facelift is performed by first placing an incision along the hairline and around the ears to access the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system). The ligaments are then released, and the tissues are lifted vertically (instead of horizontally) as one unit. Once everything is lifted and placed, the incisions are then closed, and you start the recovery process.

By lifting the deep tissue vertically, your surgeon can address the sagging cheeks, lower face and neck at once, resulting in a much more natural and youthful look.

Who is a Good Candidate for A Vertical Facelift?

A good candidate for a vertical facelift is someone who:

  • Has fine lines and wrinkles on the lower face.
  • Is struggling with jowls.
  • Has pronounced nasolabial folds.
  • Is dealing with sagging skin on the face and neck.
  • Has wrinkles and folds around the mouth and nose.

What Are the Benefits of a Vertical Facelift?

Youthful Appearance

The vertical facelift method is designed to reduce the visible signs of aging in the lower face, including the jawline and neck. By reducing the fine lines and wrinkles and smoothing and tightening the skin in these areas, it provides a much more youthful appearance.

Natural Results

By gently lifting the lax deep tissue and excess skin vertically, this procedure creates natural-looking results. The technique used ensures you avoid the overly tight, pulled, or wind-swept appearance that can be associated with a traditional facelift.

Less Scarring

Because the incisions are made along the hairline and behind the ears, they will be hidden as they heal. The incisions are also smaller than with a traditional facelift, so they will be much more inconspicuous, and your recovery will be quicker.

Vertical Facelift Recovery and Results

After a vertical facelift procedure, your face will be wrapped in bandages, and a compression garment will be provided to minimize swelling and aid in the recovery process. You may experience some mild discomfort, but a painkiller will be prescribed to ensure you’re comfortable.

To reduce the swelling and prevent complications, you’ll want to keep your head elevated, rest as much as possible, avoid strenuous activities and excess sun exposure, and avoid blood thinners for at least two weeks after surgery. You can go back to work two to three weeks after the procedure.

Dr. Sadati will also give you a healing cream to speed up how fast your incisions heal. After the first week, the swelling and bruising will diminish, but it can take several months before the swelling completely goes down.

You will see the full results within a few months of the procedure.

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Are you looking to achieve a more youthful appearance but want something a bit different from a traditional facelift? A vertical facelift could be the solution you’re looking for. At the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Lounge, Dr. Kevin Sadati will listen to your concerns, examine your face, and walk you through the entire procedure.

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