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Fixer Upper: Facts about Revision Rhinoplasty

Fixer Upper - Facts about Revision Rhinoplasty in Newport BeachNo one likes to admit that their nose job did not quite turn out the way they envisioned. A slight hump here or a little turn there and soon the new profile begins to look a bit skewed. This could be attributed to one of two things: First, the patients perception is flawed due to their new facial feature.

Second, it could actually be that the first procedure did not accomplish patient goals. In the first case, post operative counseling and evaluation will likely clear up a perception problem. In the second case, a revision rhinoplasty may be in order.

As the name implies the Revision Rhinoplasty procedure is designed to revise, or correct, a previous nose job.

However, that does not mean that the rhinoplasty must be performed all over again. In many cases the revision can be done in an office setting and may not involve a surgical option. Very few nose jobs are botched to the extent that a revision must start from the beginning. In most instances, only a small area of the nose requires repair. Generally, humps or rising features can be streamlined by injecting substances specifically designed to reduce excess tissue under the skin. In the event the revision needs to correct grooves or valleys, subcutaneous fillers such as FDA approved liquid silicone may be injected to achieve the desired symmetry.

Many revision procedures are performed in an office setting with a local anesthetic. The patient can leave the same day and can usually return to work the following day. While a large number of revisions can be corrected with minimally invasive technique, there are exceptions. Patients that have enlarged turbinates or suffer from a deviated septum not addressed during the first rhinoplasty must undergo a full scale surgical correction. Internal nasal architectural problems cannot be solved with injections or fillers.

The vast majority of rhinoplasties are successful surgical procedures. However, there are options if the first time around was not exactly what the patient wanted.



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