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Facelift vs Derma Fillers

Facelift vs Derma FillersFor more than a decade, Dr. Kevin Sadati has been known as one of the best facelift surgeons in Orange County. His Newport Beach practice not only offers the traditional facelift surgical procedure, but also many other techniques and options such as non-surgical facelift procedures. The non-surgical procedure uses dermal filler products, which are injected into a person’s face in order to reduce the appearance or wrinkles and augment some of the facial features. It is important that patients considering having work done to their face know the difference between a surgical facelift and a non-surgical facelift.

Surgical Facelift

  • This is a surgical procedure in which excess skin is removed from the face. When removing the excess skin, wrinkles and lines all but disappear.
  • Another part of the surgery requires the surgeon to tighten facial muscles in order to reduce the impact of sagging skin, as well as slow down the aging process in the future. This is the only procedure that can combat sagging skin.
  • Results of a surgical facelift are long-lasting. Most patients will find that they will look nearly 10 years younger, and the results will last for about a decade. At that point, many signs of aging might appear again but the patient has the option of having another facelift surgery performed.
  • There is a period of recovery that patients must go through after the surgical facelift. Most patients will spend between 7 to 10 days recovering, and there is some minor swelling after the surgery. However, after the short recovery period, most people are ready to resume their normal lives.

    Non-Surgical Facelift

    • Dermal fillers are used during a non-surgical facelift, and they reduce the impact and appearance of wrinkles on the face.
    • Other facial features that can be altered using dermal fillers include the lips, chin cheeks and nose. It can also be used to hide dark circles that might appear under a person’s eyes.
    • It is a quick and easy procedure that provides instant results. Most patients are in and out of Dr. Sadati’s office within an hour, and are ready to return to their normal lives looking fresh and full of life once again.
    • The results of a non-surgical facelift procedure are only temporary. Dr. Sadati sees most patients back within 6-9 months for touch up procedures. Routine visits to the cosmetic surgeon are required in order to maintain the new look that is achieved with a non-surgical facelift.

    Dr. Sadati recognizes that every patient lives a different lifestyle and has different goals when it comes to cosmetic surgery and cosmetic improvements. No matter which type of facelift procedure he is performing, he works to make sure the patient gets natural-looking results. He is highly skilled at the facelift procedure, regardless of what type of facelift it is. However, he feels it is essential that patients educate themselves about the differences and make an informed decision on what is best for them.



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