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Even Athletes Get Plastic Surgery

Even Athletes Get Plastic SurgeryA lot of people opt for the advantages of plastic surgery and that includes professional athletes. In todays society, sports figures are every bit a brand as an A-List actor and they have to look their best. Many times, both pros and amateurs alike choose plastic surgery to correct a disfiguring injury or as a vehicle to enhance their physical abilities. Studies have shown that there is a high correlation between an athlete’s primary sport and their subsequent choice of procedure.

With that in mind, what are the most popular plastic surgery procedures among top athletes? Here is a quick rundown of the most requested corrections:



A procedure designed to correct asymmetrical or disfigured ears resulting from repeated blows to the head as seen in contests such as boxing, martial arts, and even wrestling. The otoplasty procedure helps to repair the cartilage and other tissues that have taken a beating over the years.

Breast Reduction

A very popular surgery for female athletes engaged in games that require a high degree of physical activity and fitness levels. Breast reduction surgeries have helped many female sports stars reduce back pain and increase freedom of movement in fields such as volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, and basketball

Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is a popular option for today’s male athletes and it goes without saying that it is most common among those individuals that are prone to facial injury including boxing, basketball, soccer, hockey, and mixed martial arts. Rhinoplasty surgery is the top surgical solution for nose realignment and reconstruction following a disfiguring injury.


Professional athletes do not usually seem like individuals that might need liposuction. However, the physical demands of their profession as well as public pressure can be tremendous. Even sports stars have areas of their physique that may contain stubborn deposits of fat. With amount of magazine, Internet, and television coverage, even top figures in sports may need a little liposuction especially as they age.

Plastic surgery is a proven way to look and feel great and believe it or not, even pros need a little help from a plastic surgeon from time to time.



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